Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Disturbing Dream

Not scary, just a little too familiar. Seems just when I'm feeling bad about what I did, something like this comes up to remind me why I did it. . . . you'll see:
"It was the last day of school. I had shown up late, but with the news that my twin and I had a mild form of some disease. It wasn't really bad, but helped explain to our friends what had been going on with us for most of the year.
After school it was very dark out. I was going to hang out with this guy I liked when I got a call from David. He was pissed because he had heard that I was pregnant. I told him I wasn't, and even if I was, it was no longer his concern because we weren't together.
The other guy and I were on our way to a hotel to celebrate the end of the year. David showed up with one of his friends. My "new guy" was no fighter, so we ducked around and ran to our room. We got the door barricaded just in time, but somehow they managed to pick all of the locks. Including the chain and deadbolt.
What happened next was kind of a blur. My "new guy" had escaped but I was taken prisoner. A whole crew of David's friends showed up and turned the whole hotel into some kind of base. I was given dirty rags to wear, but could roam around within a certain area. There was trash everywhere and a green mist hung in the air. After a while I noticed my "new guy" wandering around. He avoided people who would recognize him, but otherwise just blended in. We finally met up, but never got quite enough privacy to openly discuss an escape strategy. I was so scared for the both of us."
Yeah, disturbing. It seemed a lot longer than it did just typing it. Also, Sandy, I don't know if I ever did, but I have to thank you for being there that day. There's really no telling what may have happened, or if I even would have had the strength to stay broken up with him . . . or what could have happened to me if I had. So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, just for being there with me.

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