Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Crane +

Yes, again. This time was all Aaron. He seems to have much better mojo at Wal*Mart and I do better at HEB. lol Don't know why, it just works out that way. He got the big Hippo (that is what that blue thing is) from the big machine (the same one he got the big-headed blue dog from) and he got the BlackBeard pirate figure/toy thing from the jewelry machine! First time we've gotten something from that one. Tomorrow or Friday (hopefully tomorrow) we'll get to try the crane they have there with the little rubber balls in it, cuz they have a couple of Simpsons ones. That would be sweet.

Also, last year (on neopets) I didn't join the Altador Cup tournament. This year I decided, why the heck not? So I joined team Kiko Lake. I haven't gotten the actual tournament game to load up, but I've played the support games, so hopefully that'll help at least a little bit. I'd hate to actually join and then get knocked out in the first round! That would suck.

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