Friday, June 22, 2007

Coming Soon To A Comp Near You

Last night as I was trying so desperately to fall asleep, I remembered something I had done a long time ago. No . . . not that . . .perv. I was going through a kind of Native American spiritual workbook thing, and one of the excersizes in there was to write your own mythology. I remembered how fun it was making my fantasy self the main character of a . . . . mini-epic? Kinda. At the time I wrote it, I couldn't imagine sharing it with anyone but Aaron, but now I think I want to. I have to dig out the notebook it's in, but I know exactly where it is, so I'll be posting that next. Probably tomorrow or day after. Be warned, though, it does have a magick basis to it, so if you're offended by such things, don't read it if you don't want to. I don't mind. lol I just thought I'd set it up today so I don't have to tomorrow.

I do wish I could remember what I was dreaming, though, cuz I think the two (plus the Dark Tower book) were kind of loosely similar. It was all very wierd, but the quicker I have to wake up, the more I forget.

Oh . . . . oh. My mom's watching animal planet and this woman drove 1800 miles from Florida to {I-didn't-catch-where} to adopt a grayhound dog and as soon as they brought the dog out she ran right up to the woman waiting for her. She knew. I'm crying now. lol

Last night we saw Darrell. Had to stop to let him pass or I'd have ended up in the ditch trying to move around him. lol He's got a little buddy that he hangs with. Showing him the ropes, I think. His buddy was in our yard. I don't mind at all. If we could actually get them to go out and just come back here and live off the back porch the rest of the time, I'd feel so much better. *sigh* Ah well, whatchya gonna do?

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