Monday, June 25, 2007

Benoit & Babwa Wawa

I was gonna add a pic here, but that didn't turn out so well. I think the worst part is not knowing what happened. Gawd. Freakin' Chris Benoit! If anyone was ever a truly Professional Wrestler it was him. Sux that we missed so much of him when stupid CW moved to a channel ya gotta pay to get. Bullshit. We finally get him back and now . . . . now all we have is memories. At least now 'Toothless Agression' and 'Latino Heat' are reunited.

The Hilton Family approached Barbera Walters with an offer for her to do Paris' post-prison interview and Babs declined! The person on Extra or Access or whatever the hell show it was asked if this was such a good idea. For Barbera Walters, yes it absolutely was. She has busted her ass to be a serious journalist. She has conducted some of the most compelling interviews in recent history. Paris Hilton getting out of prison after, what?, a month is NOTHING. It's not news. It's frivolous. If she had accepted, she would have been lowering herself to all the rest of the celebrity crazed media and I say "Good for her." You go girl, stick to your principles and never look back.

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