Friday, June 8, 2007

Arcade! ^_^

So yesterday morning I went out early to get the grocery money. Something told me to go to HEB for the sodas and ATM. I didn't ask questions, just went. As I was leaving, there sitting on top of the crane pile was the pirate skeleton. Aaron had been trying for that one, but it was always buried. I knew I had to get it for him before someone else did. It took some doin', cuz his jacket is slippery, but I got 'im.

Little after lunch, we went to the mall (a rare occurance) and headed toward Tilt. He wanted to try again at the giant jumbo mega crane. Still no luck. lol We got a few token to try for Family Guy again, but no luck there. He found a token on the ground which gave us an uneven amount. The search for single token games took us to Skee Ball!!! So yesterday I got to play Skee Ball with my hubby. That was nice.

Later after that we got back to HEB. As it turns out, my worries about someone else nabbing the skeleton pirate were totally unfounded. Ya see, during the day they completely refilled the machine! *HA* Got the green Hippo out of the smaller one. Oh, yeah, we also tried the one at K-Mart. *rolls eyes* The toys are bigger than the claw. 'Nuff said.

Oh, and I managed to send in a few winning Yooyuball scores! Go Team! Go Team!!

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