Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm Back! ~*~Updates~*~

It's been a while, but I'm back. All that rain we got knocked out our phone, so we were without internet for a couple of days. It was actually kind of nice. lol Went out to the lake/island area. If you wanna see what it looks like now, for those of you who moved away, I uploaded the pics I took into My Photobucket account. Check 'em out. If you'll notice in the 3rd and 4th from last, the whole shoreline is covered with branches. We couldn't even get close to the water. Even if we could have, it had just poured, so getting to the island would have required bathing suits. (Yes, Sandy, I know we used to just say water be damned and swim in our clothes, but it's not quite the same) In pic 10, you can see the island. See how small it is? That's how much it rained. Next chance I get I'm going out to the trails and getting some pics from out there. I'll let ya know.
I got a cute little puppy from the claw machine, I uploaded a pic into my album here if you're interested. We got new neighbors. They seem nice enough, but I'm not sure. The lady kind of worries me. Rumor has it that she has it out for Darrell since her daughter is allergic to cats. We talked to the newspaper lady who's been feeding him (she got caught in the ditch so we kept her company 'til her husband came) and she may sneak him out to her place. Apparently she's got some land since she has five horses. Oh please let her do that. I could live with not seeing him again as long as I knew he was safe.
There's another empty trailor out here now too. Which is good, cuz they had 4 or 5 big, mean pit bulls. Apparently they got busted and when the landlord was cleaning out the place he found 20lbs of dope. *sheesh* What gets me is when I noticed the place empty I wanted so badly to go in there and check it out cuz we kinda figured they were dealers, but I didn't. I shoulda, though. Man the money we coulda gotten off of that!
Not too much else going on, I guess. Working around here and still trying to find a job. I think I have an idea, but we'll have to see how it pans out. Now to go and try to catch up with the new plot.

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