Saturday, May 12, 2007


Lemon that is. lmao Okay, the JubJub I was working on turned Chia and today it turned lemon colored. See:

So I took it to the pound and went to find another JubJub and the pound is down for maintenance! Oh woe is me. roflmao At least I'm keeping up with the plot and that's the really important part. . . . as far as neopets is concerned. lol

Finally had a dream I remembered. I've been having a lot, but as soon as I wake up I'm all . . . . "Huh?" Last night's was wierd, though. I was on a regular school bus going to college. When I got there I had to make several trips from the bus to my dorm room and back and there was a lady from the college who kept following me around yelling at me and when I was on the bus there was a guy who kept messing with me. It was all very confusing.

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