Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Book #3

(Note: This post originally had "100th Post" in the title, but there may be a few that don't make the cut and I don't need anyone calling me a liar over it)

Hrm. Kind of quiet around here. Everyone doing alright? I started the third Dark Tower book 2 days ago. Roland (the gunslinger) has his mini-posse together and has been training them to be gunslingers in their own rights. Turns out when he was in the process of gathering them, he saved the kid Jake while he was in his world and now the both of them are basically having their minds ripped apart. One half knows what happened (from the first book) and the other half knows it couldn't have happened because Roland changed the course of events so it didn't. I have a feeling the kid's going to hook back up with Roland at some point. Not sure how they're gonna fix the mental paradox time rip thing going on, but we'll see.

Not much of a 100th post there, huh? lol *shrugs* Oh, I finally picked up Monster Rancher Evo (thanks, Hun) and as soon as I'm done here I'll be working on that. It's really wierd. Not like regular Monster Rancher practically at all. You don't train normally. See, you're in a circus and you spend most of your time motivating the monsters before a show. During the show is when the monsters get their stat increases. They did add a different kind of "errentry" called Adventuring where you walk around in 3D world format to fight monsters and look for stuff. As part of that there are also guild missions you can do for money and items. All the monsters you've collected are kept in a book (like MR3), but I'm not sure if the pages are transferrable like they were in 3. I hope so. ^_^

Hopefully today I'll get my Snowbunny avatar. It's been a year and if I don't get it I'll be writing a nasty letter to TNT . . . maybe not that nasty. A little, though.

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