Friday, May 11, 2007

Book #2 & Crane Story

I finished the first Dark Tower book yesterday and started on the second. The kid did die, but I guess it would be considered "negligence" and not outright homicide. Now he's drawing together 3 more people for the next part of his journey. The first guy was a junkie who actually has proved himself useful. The next one is a woman who, as far as I can figure so far, has two personalities. Not sure where he's going with it, but I can't wait to find out. I've read so many books (and seen a couple of movies) that were amazing, but really crapped out on the end. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter how amazing a story is, if the ending leaves you feeling gipped, then it was all a waste. *cough*CityofAngels*cough* Stephen King hasn't let me down yet, and I'm not expecting him to this time around.

Last night we went to H-E-B to pick up some food. We were a little dejected cuz we hadn't won anything at Wal*Mart and when we saw a little black spider-man in the little crane game (same one that started it all), Aaron wasn't even wanting to try. "We've spent too much on these already" I knew, though, from looking at it, that it would be an easy kill . . . I mean catch. So after we got the groceries I told him to just give me a dollar and I'd see what I could do. I wasn't even thinking of the possibility that I would get it on the first try, so when I did I kinda panicked and nabbed first thing I saw that was on top. It's cute, and it's got a bell in it, so I told my mom to go ahead and give it to Colleen (my sister's kid). We've got so many of these toys now I crocheted a net for 'em, so now they're all hanging in the corner above the bed. lol Keeps 'em all in one place. Aaron likes it cuz we have the Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) dangling off of it. lmao

I just really wish we could get one of those Spider-Man glove thingies out of the one at Wal*Mart. I think it's taunting me. . . .

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