Friday, May 18, 2007

2013 Oracle and Prizes

Okay, my mom, quite possibly one of the biggest Christians I personally know, just got me what's called the "2013 Oracle". For those of you who don't know, either the Mayan or Aztec calendar ends in 2012 (December 20th or 21st, I believe). So that is one of the possibilites for the end of the world *as we know it*. This is supposed to be kinda like a tarot to help with this transitional period. I haven't really gotten to go through it (Goddess help me, it took almost a year to properly understand and utilize my regular tarot), but the premise is intriguing. The cards are small . . . maybe 2/3 the size of a regular deck of playing cards. I'll update more after I've gotten to work with them a little.

Also, just had to let y'all know that my Bubba is back! Aaron's been in kind of a slump with all the Spiderman 3 stuff in the crane games. He really wants one of those glove things. Last night we were at HEB and I stood there, dead set on feeding that machine quarters until he grabbed something. Only took 3 tries and he got one of those dronkies from Shrek 3! He woulda had it on the 2nd try, but it slipped. I'm so happy! Also happy cuz I finally got one of those dogs with the long necks and huge eyeballs! (2 tries for that one too) They're so cute!

Also, a couple nights ago I got Reggie . . . remember, from the Archie comics? Not my favorite character, but he was the only one in there and he was in prime grabbing position. The pic is in my album if you need a reminder. lol

Almost done with the 3rd book. They're in this city where everyone is sick (mentally and physically). They had to split up, but as soon as the gunslinger gets that kid back, I have a feeling all hell's gonna break loose. Of course, I may not know 'til the 5th book (the 4th is all flashback, remember?), but that's what I think is gonna happen.

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