Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some Small Things

Okay, so Aaron and I hit up the mall yesterday. Tried each of the crane games and came to but one conclusion. They are ALL rigged. Not the fun kind of rigged where you still have a chance if you're good. The bad kind of rigged where you may as well just throw your money in the toilet for all you're going to get out of them. We tried the huge one at Tilt and I watched it. Clear as day. I moved it over, dropped it down, down it goes, up it goes, THEN it clamps 1/2 way up, then it finishes going up and moves over to the box. Unless you're some kind of telekenetic, you're not getting anything out of there. All of the rest of them are either too stuffed or filled with things that aren't the right size for the claw. Yes, it was a harsh lesson and we came back empty handed, but now we know better.
On the bright side, I had a tremendous bit of luck on neopets yesterday. My JubJub turned pink! No, I don't give two hoots about having a pink pet, except for it saved me from buying a pink paintbrush to get:

Which is good for me, because they're very expensive. I'll continue zapping for coconut today.

We had a little rain. Not as much as some other people were getting. *pouts* Of course, some people lost their roofs and then some.
I guess that's it for now.

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