Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Neopets Rant

Yes, I warned you that time. lol I've been training Frijana for a couple of months now, trying to get her good enough to get some of the battledome avatars. Since one Five Dubloon Coin is cheaper than 2 or 3 codestones, I've been training her at the Swashbucking Academy. When I started, the Dubloons were around 6,750np. Now they're over 9000np! Yes, I like neopets, but I'm not going to spend 4 hours a day on it just to get the np to pay that every day! C'mon people! Neopia is supposed to be a happy place, but it's being taken over by greed. Pure and simple.
Yes, I realize neopets isn't real. I realize that anything I do on there is not going to significantly affect my real life in any way. It's just something I find fun and, most times, relaxing.
*sigh* So what am I doing on neopets currently? Well, I only have a month left until Frijana's petpet (snowbunny) is old enough to get me the avatar. I can't believe it's almost been a whole year! Oy. Then I have a plushie Meekins I'll be hooking her up with since I have no more petpet avvies to get. Except Meowclops, but that's about a million np now, so it can wait. It's almost 9k np to upgrade my gallery, so I'll only do that again if I get lucky one of these days. Still collecting plushies, though. I have a little space left in there for 'em. Still zapping JubJubs trying to get coconut. So far no luck on this third one. Just stat changes. Aw well, at least it hasn't changed species. Not sure what I'm going to do with the np I'm saving by not training. Haven't quite decided yet.
. . . . . You're kidding me . . . . . HA! Okay, there's an avatar where you need to have an Icy Snowflake in your inventory while visiting the Terror Mountain weather page while it's snowing. I used to not think much of it, cuz the snowflake was between 1 and 2 million np . . . apparently there was a giveaway (I wish I still had the neopets toolbar) and now they're only 30,000np! HA! So now I have:

How do ya like that? Okay, well I feel a little better.
Time to go update Frijana's Pet Page. Then I'm gonna take a shower . . . . I know, I know, TMI. Sometimes I get a little carried away. lol

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