Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's a Travesty!

It's so very rare when you find a person with a true gift for making magical items. But this guy . . . he had such a gift. Mr. Robert L. Thompson, the creator of the silviron ring has closed shop. *sobs* I'm so glad I got two when I had the chance. Now I just have to find them again. I never got to replace my chakra necklace, and that's something I guess I'll have to live with. I know it's no use crying over something I can't change. I just really wish you guys could know how great a craftsman he is. Nothing on eBay either . . . . I'm gonna have to track down the business card Aaron got to see if Eric the Smith is still working or if his extended warranty is now active. {--His son. Maybe you had to be there . . .?

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