Sunday, April 8, 2007

Crop Circles Pt. 2

Yes, I'm a day late. My dad's home, so comp time is at a premium.  So without further ado, part two of crop circles. Perfect Geometry and Symbolism.
Okay, so crop circles have neat designs. Like a kaleidascope. There is your first hint. For anyone who doesn't know, a kaleidascope repeates the same image using mirrors, so that it is identical. Now, not all crop circles repeat exactly like this, but they do utilize some very specific geometric shapes. Namely, circles, triangles, squares, pentagrams and hexagrams. Also you will rarely find a heptagram (7 sides). A Mr. Bert Janssen is credited with really discovering how these shapes are used to create the images we see in crop circles.
Before I ship you off to his site, yes, I too saw the History channel presentation on the Davinci Code. "If you take so many points and draw so many lines eventually you'll come up with some shape." *blah* And a hundred monkeys with a hundred typewriters in a hundred years could write Shakespeare. Remember in HS how your math teacher was so anal about showing your work? Well this guy does. . . except he's working backwards from someone else's answer, which makes it even more impressive. So go take a look. I'll wait.
~*~Jeopardy theme plays in the background~*~
Welcome back. Confusing? Yeah, they show that exact same thing on my DVD only animated with computer technology so they show the frame overlapping the crop circle with shading and such. Sorry. lol Basic point within all of the madness is that these shapes are no accident. They're not random. One of the basic concepts of ancient construction (not so much today, sadly) is ratios. I've never been good at explaining math stuff (it's a passion, not an obsession), but if you look at a snail shell, notice how it gets smaller as it goes in? It has perfect proportion. These proportions are duplicated with the shapes within the crop circles. *GGGRRRR* This is so frustrating because I know exactly what I'm talking about. *humph* If you've ever seen "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land" YOU know exactly what I'm talking about! If you haven't, and you get the chance, you really should. It's a terrific little feature. Also, please go to that site and let them know you want to see it re-released on DVD. I feel it is the absolute BEST thing any child can ever watch. (yes, I am fully aware of my nerdiness, let's move on)
Even the placement of the crop circle within the field is not accidental. You know when you look down at the field and there are those lines cutting across it? Those lines are there anyway, it's how machinery and such get across the fields without damaging the crops. They are also used as reference points for the different shapes used to create the patterns. The crop circle will either touch those lines or be a proportionate distance (in relation to the proportions of the pattern) from them.
As for the oddly shaped crop "circles", those shaped like a horse or some kind of lettering (I saw one on TV that was a message on a hill), I have no idea if they tested the crops for the distinguising features mentioned earlier, so I don't know if they're true crop circles or not.
Now, something a tad easier to explain. Symbolism. The use of the golden ration in creating the patterns has a subliminal, almost hypnotic effect on those viewing it. There is something deep inside of us that responds to the use of this repeating pattern. Possibly a link to it's use in nature. Possibly something else. Yet, the symbolism does not stop there.
I was watching my "Crop Circles Explained" DVD (thanks Hun, I Love You!) and noticed something that took my breath away. Aside from the obviouse pentacles which pop up, there are also Celtic symbols (including the now famous triquatra), Egyptian symbols and many which reminded me of Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs. No, not Hex="bad", hex="symbol to bring about some positive result". Just go look.
In addition, there are many symbols which aren't so . . . cryptic. There are obvious flowers, eyes, suns, moons, stars. Obvious symbols. Of course, like dream symbols, these can mean different things to different people, but they're there, in plain daylight. One I saw that really touched me was a crescent moon with 3 stars in the hollow space.
Not only that, some of the "random" shape, kaleidoscope-type crop circles can touch you (as a symbol would) for reasons you just won't know by plainly looking at it. To me, this is just fascinating, because it works on a part of our subconscious that we're not even aware of. Here, check this out and see if any of these crop circles stir something within you. Yes? No? Either way, that's only a small selection.
So, what does the presence of the symbols mean? *shrugs* Who am I? Nostradamus? Besides, I'll get into my theories and ideas tomorrow.

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