Friday, April 6, 2007

Crop Circles Pt. 1

Yes, part 1. lol Got a lot swimming around in my brain about this one. Told ya I'd come up with something interesting. Just a few things to get out of the way before beginning. Yes, I do believe in aliens. No, I'm not trying to convince you to. This is about crop circles, not aliens. Yes, I am fully aware that there are hoaksters out there who create fake crop circles. As far as I'm concerned they can all take a long walk off a short pier. Yet, if it weren't for their misguided efforts, then we wouldn't have such mounting evidence that most crop circles CAN NOT have been made by human hands. Or tools. These are the ones I am focusing on. These are the important ones.

Now, we begin. Let's call this section "Intro to Crop Circles". What seperates a forgery from a true crop circle? There are three distinct features that every real crop circle contains.
    Evidence of Microwave Radiation
    Evidence of Electricity
    Evidence of Magentism

1. Evidence of Microwave Radiation: This, I believe, is the most influential in the actual formation of the crop circles. Firstly, microwave radiation has a distinct effect of "blowing out" the joints of the crops. You know that thing that happens when ya nuke a hot dog too long? Same thing. The air and moister in the joints gets super heated and explodes out the side. It also provides us with a big difference between real and man made. Real crop circles are made of curved, not bent or broken, stalks.
2. Evidence of Electricity: This one I find to be the most unusual, because the actual effects are dependant on the age of the crops. If a crop circle is formed in a field of young stalks, the growth is permanently stunted and many are unable to create seeds for future planting. However, in mature plants that are already bearing seeds, the growth of the seeds is accelerated. These affects of electricity on plants (wheats usually) has been duplicated in labs.
3. Evidence of Magnetism: This one I find the most fascinating. There is a mineral within our atmosphere that is brought to earth when meteors enter our atmosphere. This mineral is found all over the earth in small amounts. However, within crop circles the concentration of this mineral is much higher, and just outside of the crop circle area it is minimal to non-existant. As a visual example (visualize, I don't have a picture handy) is if you take a piece of paper with iron shavings on it and move a magnet under the paper, the magnet will pick up the shavings and form them into a clump. Then, when you move the magnet straight down and away from the paper, the shavings are left in that clump. Cool, huh? A better example of how this would work as far as crop circles is those giant electromagnet cranes. Turn it on, pick up the scrap metal from all over and deposit in one huge pile.

I'm not sure which of these evidences factors into the weaving effect, but this is another feature found in real crop circles that can not be duplicated in hoaxes. The stalks are interwoven into each other (without being broken) and laid flat, rather than just piled on top of each other while being flattened.

So, if I have done anything to convince you that there is in fact a difference between "real" and "fake" crop circles, then I have done my job. So far. ^_^

In closing my Intro here, I would like to say that when looking at the shear size and intricacy of some of these crop circles (not to mention the fact that there is no damage surrounding them as would be made by people tromping through) there is no possible way that even 50 people could possibly pull them off in the span of one night without being caught. Not using the methods these hoaksters are oh-so proud of, and certainly not being able to replicate the evidence mentioned above. There is another factor distinguishing real crop circles that I will get into (in-depth) tomorrow in part two of our journey. "Perfect Geometry and Symbolism".

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