Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crane Game Mania

Okay, this is just too funny. Aaron and I were coming out of Wal*Mart. I had noticed last time we were there that there was a little pink pig plushie sitting right on top of the prizes in the little crane game. Unfortunately it was pre-Easter Saturday and the place was packed! So we skipped it. So anyway, yesterday we decided to stop and take a look. Now they had two. I gave it my best go, but no luck. So then we were looking at the big crane game next to it. Aaron spotted Scrat and the Tiki. I knew he wanted the Tiki, but since it had those little rings you're supposed to grab it by, we decided to skip it and try for Scrat.

So, he takes that crane, knocks Scrat away from the wall, grabs it and gets it over to the box and the stupid thing got caught on the box! There was no way we were going to settle for that, so I popped in a dollar and punched straight down on top of him. In falls Scrat and that purple gator lookin' thing! 2 for 1! *whoot!* After good luck like that we thought "Well, hey, why not try for the Tiki? Worth a shot, right?" Right! Aaron swings the crane over, nabs it by it's stupid little ring and drags the thing over to the box! I absolutely could not believe my eyes! We had an extra play, so I tried for Homer (THAT would have been a sweet prize!), but he was too fat and I couldn't get a good grip on him. Oh well. Three prizes is still a sweet ass haul. Just imagine the looks we got walking out of Wal*Mart!

So what about the Blue Pup? Well, late last night (early this morning) Aaron decides we should go get some ice cream cuz his throat kept burning him, so back we head to Wal*Mart. We had to go in the opposite side, so no luck trying for Homer again. *sighs* However, after surveying the crane game on that side we figured we'd go for broke (really broke now) and popped in a dollar. I wanted this little pillow that said something like "My Sweetheart" and has a little plastic thing to put a picture in. Unfortunately the handle wasn't wide enough to stay between the claws. With one try left, my wonderfully talented hubby tries again for the blue pup! ("Blue Sun" "Blue Son". . . . long story) He nabs it right by it's big blue head and drops it right in the box . . . then disaster strikes!

The big blue pup is too big for the tiny plastic box!!! Aaron reaches in, his arm is too long. I reach in, my arm is too fat. Then, comes a voice behind us, "You'll never win anything out of that." ???? Who's this nosey person butting into our business? I look up and there stands my sister. I explain that we had in fact already won, but the prize was stuck in the box . . . then I think . . . Hey! She's got tiny little arms and tiny little hands, maybe she can reach it! And she did! So todays haul was a 3-way effort.

I used to look at these crane games with scorn and contempt. The only people to ever get anything out of them surely has a pocket full of quarters and way too much time on their hands. Wrong! Just take your time, survey the prizes for the best mark, and be willing to try at least twice. Yes, some are rigged, and it's trial and error to find the ones that are (like that one in the mall . . . . .), but, really, it's fun just to try.

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