Friday, April 13, 2007

American What Now?

I realized early on that no one I liked on American Idol was going to win, no matter how many times I voted. Which I did. The first season. I voted like crazy. *I'll go hand my head in shame in a moment* Then, after my chick got voted off, the only thing I watch is those painful auditions. That's it. Cuz I don't care anymore. Just, ya know, wanna see how badly some people suck and the correlations to how good they think they are. It's amusing to me, cuz by now they KNOW that Simon's going to be mean! Yet they still arrive in droves for the abuse.

So, good old fashioned masochism aside, what I want to know is why? How? When on earth did American Idol become "real" news?! Even the anchors on MSNBC are talking about that damn Sanjaya! Of all of the really newsworthy things going on in the world, newscasters are talking about American Idol!? I expect to see it on E! and TV Guide Channel, why am I seeing it on the 6 o'clock news? News!!!! *ggrrr*

You know what, I don't watch it, so I don't know how bad he supposedly sucks, but I want him to win! Everyone talking trash about him has made me hate them so much I want Sanjaya to win. Do I think it will discredit American Idol enough to finally put an end to it? No. I don't. People will still watch it (even if just the auditions) and people will still blow out power lines trying to vote. So get over it already! Apparently all of the people who care are voting for him so just shut up already and tell me what's really going on in the world!

*take a deep breath*

So, even though I'm not actually going to vote (anyone who's tried knows how much of a pain that is anyway) my vote is for Sanjaya. You go guy. Rock on with your apparently bad self.

*goes to hang head in shame for having ever voted in the first place*

Oh, and Faith. If you are reading this. See if you can get Tim to vote for him since apparently he has the magic touch. That'll show 'em. HA!

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