Monday, April 30, 2007

Belated Earth Day Post

A Rite For the Earth

This isn't a spell it's a magical ritual designed to giveenergy back to the Earth. You may use it or not as you wish.

Light no candles. Burn no incense. Go to the wilds to perform this spell, a place far from the haunts of humans. If this is impossible then perform the rite in your own magical place. There, have ready a potted plant OR four plain stones. (Don't used mined crystal quartz.)

Sit on the ground. Place your hands onto the dirt beneath you (or the stones). Visualize the Earth from space a blueish-white sphere of positive, whole, healed energy. Experience it as a living organism.

When your ready say these words:

"Pure are the caves and plains;

Pure are the sod and hills;

Pure are the winds and skies;

Pure are the lakes and rills;

Pure are the clouds and rains;

Pure are the woods and trees;

Pure are valleys deep;

Pure are the bays and seas."

{Renew your visualization, then begin again:}

"Pure are the birds that fly;

Pure are the hounds and bats;

Pure are the fish and whales;

Pure are the hares and cats;

Pure are the owls and snakes;

Pure are the stags and deer;

Pure are the lizards green;

Pure are the creatures here."

Once again renew your visualization. Feel the Earth. Block all thoughts of ravages that our species has subjected to our planet. See the Earth as a healed, whole being. Then say these words:

"As I recieve your energy, now recieve mine."

Pour your personal energy out through you palms and into the Earth (or the stones or plant). Gently send it spiraling down into the planet, lending it the strength to survive. Willingly give of yourself for a few moments while visualizing that shining blue planet hanging in the sky.

After a few moments, end the ritual by lifting you hands and standing. (If performed indoors, place the stones or potted plant out side onto the ground to let the Earth absorb the energy.)

It is done!

By Scott Cunningham

Friday, April 27, 2007

Bye-Bye Grampa

Yes, as I type this he's on his way to Dallas. They left all kinds of early. I'm assuming to try and miss at least most of the morning rush hour traffic. I'm glad it's not me. I love driving back and forth to and from Dallas, but 4 lanes of congestion gets me nervouse. I prefer to drive at night. 70mph in the dark. Sweet.
I posted this in my main album, but here's a pic of my grandpa and Buzz:

Aren't they just so cute together? lol
I went ahead and stuck all of our crane game winnin's in the album. Got rid of the individual pics, cuz I figured that was a bit much. So now it's groups. Unless we only walk away with one on a particular day, then it's individual. Like Spongebob and HEBuddy (which I gave to my neice). May have more to post tomorrow since we're going shopping today. Depending on how much gas is in the van (Christianmobile #2) then we may check the machines in Cove.
Wish me luck everybody. Today I'm playing the real lottery. No scratchoff today. No way. *Big money big money no whammies no whammiesSTOP!*

. . . Huh? My point? Oh yeah. Remember all that construction they're doing around here? Well guess what they're putting in at the mouth of the driveway. . . . A gas station, convenience store and shopping plaza! Oy. Of all the dirty, rotten, rackin-frackin . . . .
I guess that's it for now. Time to get back to my crocheting. No I am NOT an old lady. lol

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quick Bit

Hello, everybody! I have a few minutes, so I figured I'd let y'all know I'm okay. Enjoying spending time with my dad and my grandpa. Grandpa's looking good! Better shape than he's been since I've known him. 12 minutes 3 times a day on the stationary bike and he lost over 50lbs in a year and a half. Aaron and I nabbed a few more crane game prizes, I'll upload the pictures probably Monday when I have the time. Oh, and since I missed Earth Day, I'll warn you now that I will be posting up a spell to give energy back to the Earth. It's been a favorite of mine and I'd like to share it. If you don't want to see it, look out for a post titled "Belated Earth Day Post" or something similar. Tav, if you happen to read this (I noticed you're still subscribed so I guess there's a chance) then I just want to say that I hope that we can still be friends. If not, then I'm sorry about that and I wish you all the best on your journey. I miss you already.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A New Day . . . . Friday!

Today, as they say, is a new day. I know yesterday's post wasn't too popular with at least one person. *winks at "she-knows-who"* As promised, I'm moving on to something else. Yesterday was Thursday, and you know what that means! ??? You don't? Sure you do! Crane game!!! lmao Not our best shot, but by far not our worst. We tried out the ones at the Wal*Mart in Hights and that's where Aaron nabbed Wario (of Mario Bros. fame, if you didn't know). At our normal Wal*Mart in Killeen, I popped a dollar into the quarter claw machine and got myself a cow wearing bunny slippers and that green thing . . . Aaron says it's a bunny, I'm not 100% sure.

We also picked up more movies. We are up to 177. Our New Years goal was 200 by the end of this year . . . I think we'll make it. lmao When we reach 200 I'll go ahead and post a pic of that in case you ever wondered what 200 DVDs looked like. *snorts* We probably had that many on VHS, but never in the same place at the same time. Those are all in the shed (SHED!) now, gathering dust, waiting for us to really want to watch them again.

Okay, little random . . . there was something else I wanted to mention . . . . uh . . . . *scratches head* . . . . What the bloody devil was it? . . . *scratches ass* . . . *snickers* . . . I remember! Monday my grandpa's flying in from Pennsylvania so if you don't see me on much for the next week, that's partly why. The other part? My dad's on vacation. It may put me a week behind on working towards that paint brush, but whatever. When daddy's home he gets the comp whenever he damn well wants it. That's our unspoken (oft-spoken) rule. . . . . There I go again. roflmao Less Sleep=Less Focus. Apparently.

Oh yeah, and Sanjaya got kicked off, or so I hear. *sobs* Like I said. No one that I want to win ever does. Uh . . . I guess that's it. I'm creeping up on my 100th blog post, so if anyone has any ideas, time's ticking. Can you hear it? Put your ear up to the monitor: *tick-tick-tick-tick* Did you hear it?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Blog

When I started this I had one person on my friends list, and no readers. Now I have several readers and I want to thank you guys for being so interested in what I have to say. Even when it doesn't make sense. However, since I have gotten so many people looking at my words, I've started to select them more careful than I normally would. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone angry with me. Last night I was thinking, "You know what, it's my blog. If someone doesn't like one post, so what? Everyone's entitled to their own opinion." So here's mine:

I don't like guns. They're completely unneccessary. Period. The world would be a better place if there were no such thing as guns and bombs (including nuclear warheads). "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." People with guns go on shooting sprees! When's the last time someone went and stabbed 30 people before stabbing themself? Yes, if there were no such thing as guns, people would still kill each other and there would still be war, but it would be different. It's one thing to pull a trigger and let the bullet fly where it may. It's something completely different to walk up to a person, look them in the eye and physically put a knife through their heart. People don't go around with a sword nestled in their pants. Children don't get stabbed in the head by a random flying dagger while they're sitting in their room playing. Guns may not be THE problem, but they are definetly A problem. A big problem in my opinion.

That's my say so. If you don't like it, fine. You don't have to. I'll be posting something new in the next day or so anyway. I've always preferred the right to free speech to the right to bear arms. {---"Everyone has the right to display a set of bear arms on their wall, how much clearer can we make it?"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Profile Ticker

Who checks these things anyway? lol If you're curious as to the new ticker I put on my profile, it's just something for me to keep track of how close (or not) I am to saving up for a Plushie Paint Brush! It'll probably take me over a year, but that's what I want. Then, when I get it, I'll paint Frijana and have a Plushie Ixi with a Plushie Meekins (yes, Tav, more of that lol). Then I'll replace the Island Elephante pic on my profile with my REAL pet, because she'll be just so darn cute. If you're wondering, which you're probably not, I did at one time have that Island Elephante. Just not any time recently. lol

Coming Soon!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's a Travesty!

It's so very rare when you find a person with a true gift for making magical items. But this guy . . . he had such a gift. Mr. Robert L. Thompson, the creator of the silviron ring has closed shop. *sobs* I'm so glad I got two when I had the chance. Now I just have to find them again. I never got to replace my chakra necklace, and that's something I guess I'll have to live with. I know it's no use crying over something I can't change. I just really wish you guys could know how great a craftsman he is. Nothing on eBay either . . . . I'm gonna have to track down the business card Aaron got to see if Eric the Smith is still working or if his extended warranty is now active. {--His son. Maybe you had to be there . . .?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some Small Things

Okay, so Aaron and I hit up the mall yesterday. Tried each of the crane games and came to but one conclusion. They are ALL rigged. Not the fun kind of rigged where you still have a chance if you're good. The bad kind of rigged where you may as well just throw your money in the toilet for all you're going to get out of them. We tried the huge one at Tilt and I watched it. Clear as day. I moved it over, dropped it down, down it goes, up it goes, THEN it clamps 1/2 way up, then it finishes going up and moves over to the box. Unless you're some kind of telekenetic, you're not getting anything out of there. All of the rest of them are either too stuffed or filled with things that aren't the right size for the claw. Yes, it was a harsh lesson and we came back empty handed, but now we know better.
On the bright side, I had a tremendous bit of luck on neopets yesterday. My JubJub turned pink! No, I don't give two hoots about having a pink pet, except for it saved me from buying a pink paintbrush to get:

Which is good for me, because they're very expensive. I'll continue zapping for coconut today.

We had a little rain. Not as much as some other people were getting. *pouts* Of course, some people lost their roofs and then some.
I guess that's it for now.

Friday, April 13, 2007

American What Now?

I realized early on that no one I liked on American Idol was going to win, no matter how many times I voted. Which I did. The first season. I voted like crazy. *I'll go hand my head in shame in a moment* Then, after my chick got voted off, the only thing I watch is those painful auditions. That's it. Cuz I don't care anymore. Just, ya know, wanna see how badly some people suck and the correlations to how good they think they are. It's amusing to me, cuz by now they KNOW that Simon's going to be mean! Yet they still arrive in droves for the abuse.

So, good old fashioned masochism aside, what I want to know is why? How? When on earth did American Idol become "real" news?! Even the anchors on MSNBC are talking about that damn Sanjaya! Of all of the really newsworthy things going on in the world, newscasters are talking about American Idol!? I expect to see it on E! and TV Guide Channel, why am I seeing it on the 6 o'clock news? News!!!! *ggrrr*

You know what, I don't watch it, so I don't know how bad he supposedly sucks, but I want him to win! Everyone talking trash about him has made me hate them so much I want Sanjaya to win. Do I think it will discredit American Idol enough to finally put an end to it? No. I don't. People will still watch it (even if just the auditions) and people will still blow out power lines trying to vote. So get over it already! Apparently all of the people who care are voting for him so just shut up already and tell me what's really going on in the world!

*take a deep breath*

So, even though I'm not actually going to vote (anyone who's tried knows how much of a pain that is anyway) my vote is for Sanjaya. You go guy. Rock on with your apparently bad self.

*goes to hang head in shame for having ever voted in the first place*

Oh, and Faith. If you are reading this. See if you can get Tim to vote for him since apparently he has the magic touch. That'll show 'em. HA!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

He's Done It Again

Okay, so last night my mom sends me out to pick up a newspaper. The only way Aaron would go with me is if we could try for Homer again. Well, we didn't get Homer, but we did get a mini-Hulk plushie and Elliot (that uni-horned dear from "Open Season"). What made it hilarious to me was there was this scrawny preppy little skanklet at the crane game next to us whining and trying like hell to get her guy to win her something. Alas, he could not provide. roflmao Yes, I find that very funny. Well, here's last night's haul, and tomorrow we're going to try the huge one at Tilt, just to see if we can get anything from it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Neopets Rant

Yes, I warned you that time. lol I've been training Frijana for a couple of months now, trying to get her good enough to get some of the battledome avatars. Since one Five Dubloon Coin is cheaper than 2 or 3 codestones, I've been training her at the Swashbucking Academy. When I started, the Dubloons were around 6,750np. Now they're over 9000np! Yes, I like neopets, but I'm not going to spend 4 hours a day on it just to get the np to pay that every day! C'mon people! Neopia is supposed to be a happy place, but it's being taken over by greed. Pure and simple.
Yes, I realize neopets isn't real. I realize that anything I do on there is not going to significantly affect my real life in any way. It's just something I find fun and, most times, relaxing.
*sigh* So what am I doing on neopets currently? Well, I only have a month left until Frijana's petpet (snowbunny) is old enough to get me the avatar. I can't believe it's almost been a whole year! Oy. Then I have a plushie Meekins I'll be hooking her up with since I have no more petpet avvies to get. Except Meowclops, but that's about a million np now, so it can wait. It's almost 9k np to upgrade my gallery, so I'll only do that again if I get lucky one of these days. Still collecting plushies, though. I have a little space left in there for 'em. Still zapping JubJubs trying to get coconut. So far no luck on this third one. Just stat changes. Aw well, at least it hasn't changed species. Not sure what I'm going to do with the np I'm saving by not training. Haven't quite decided yet.
. . . . . You're kidding me . . . . . HA! Okay, there's an avatar where you need to have an Icy Snowflake in your inventory while visiting the Terror Mountain weather page while it's snowing. I used to not think much of it, cuz the snowflake was between 1 and 2 million np . . . apparently there was a giveaway (I wish I still had the neopets toolbar) and now they're only 30,000np! HA! So now I have:

How do ya like that? Okay, well I feel a little better.
Time to go update Frijana's Pet Page. Then I'm gonna take a shower . . . . I know, I know, TMI. Sometimes I get a little carried away. lol

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crane Game Mania

Okay, this is just too funny. Aaron and I were coming out of Wal*Mart. I had noticed last time we were there that there was a little pink pig plushie sitting right on top of the prizes in the little crane game. Unfortunately it was pre-Easter Saturday and the place was packed! So we skipped it. So anyway, yesterday we decided to stop and take a look. Now they had two. I gave it my best go, but no luck. So then we were looking at the big crane game next to it. Aaron spotted Scrat and the Tiki. I knew he wanted the Tiki, but since it had those little rings you're supposed to grab it by, we decided to skip it and try for Scrat.

So, he takes that crane, knocks Scrat away from the wall, grabs it and gets it over to the box and the stupid thing got caught on the box! There was no way we were going to settle for that, so I popped in a dollar and punched straight down on top of him. In falls Scrat and that purple gator lookin' thing! 2 for 1! *whoot!* After good luck like that we thought "Well, hey, why not try for the Tiki? Worth a shot, right?" Right! Aaron swings the crane over, nabs it by it's stupid little ring and drags the thing over to the box! I absolutely could not believe my eyes! We had an extra play, so I tried for Homer (THAT would have been a sweet prize!), but he was too fat and I couldn't get a good grip on him. Oh well. Three prizes is still a sweet ass haul. Just imagine the looks we got walking out of Wal*Mart!

So what about the Blue Pup? Well, late last night (early this morning) Aaron decides we should go get some ice cream cuz his throat kept burning him, so back we head to Wal*Mart. We had to go in the opposite side, so no luck trying for Homer again. *sighs* However, after surveying the crane game on that side we figured we'd go for broke (really broke now) and popped in a dollar. I wanted this little pillow that said something like "My Sweetheart" and has a little plastic thing to put a picture in. Unfortunately the handle wasn't wide enough to stay between the claws. With one try left, my wonderfully talented hubby tries again for the blue pup! ("Blue Sun" "Blue Son". . . . long story) He nabs it right by it's big blue head and drops it right in the box . . . then disaster strikes!

The big blue pup is too big for the tiny plastic box!!! Aaron reaches in, his arm is too long. I reach in, my arm is too fat. Then, comes a voice behind us, "You'll never win anything out of that." ???? Who's this nosey person butting into our business? I look up and there stands my sister. I explain that we had in fact already won, but the prize was stuck in the box . . . then I think . . . Hey! She's got tiny little arms and tiny little hands, maybe she can reach it! And she did! So todays haul was a 3-way effort.

I used to look at these crane games with scorn and contempt. The only people to ever get anything out of them surely has a pocket full of quarters and way too much time on their hands. Wrong! Just take your time, survey the prizes for the best mark, and be willing to try at least twice. Yes, some are rigged, and it's trial and error to find the ones that are (like that one in the mall . . . . .), but, really, it's fun just to try.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Crop Circles Pt. 3

Aren't ya glad I chopped it up? Or maybe you'd rather I was done and moving on to something else? lol Well, for now this is my last Crop Circle installment. You know, until Aaron and I get our ranch and I have a crop circle of my very own. Then you get to hear all about it. *winks*

Before I get onto my thoughts on crops circles, there is one last thing that I thought was interesting. One of the researchers on the DVD was working with some of his peers and he had an idea. They all sat in a field, 10 of them in all, and sat in silence for a few minutes thinking of a shape for a crop circle. 8 out of 10 of them pictured an equilateral triangle with circles on the points. So for 10 minutes they all sat there visualizing that exact shape. That night, a few miles from where they were, that exact crop circle appeared!

Also, anyone who studies ghosts may find it interesting that there is an increased amount of "spirit orb" activity around crop circles.

So. True crop circles are obviously not physically man-made. However, being as our subconscious mind works on symbols, is there maybe some other direct human link? Thoughts are energy. I can't say I know exactly how it would work, but I know the possibility is there. In this case, though, the "why" eludes me. Maybe because more and more people are oppressing their own inner selves which are currently trying to break free? Maybe.

Is there also the possibility of extra-terrestrial involvement? I think so. If so, then are they trying to give us a message? Is it something important, or just "We're here!" like in "Horton Hears a Who"? Hrm. The obvious assumption about aliens who come to our planet is that they are much more advanced than we are, given the fact that they can travel to us in the first place. As arrogant as it is to think we're alone in the Universe, it's just as arrogant to think that they're leaving these messages to help us evolve to their level. Also, I think it's just paranoid to think that these messages would be aggressive in nature. Think about it. They are using mathmatical formulations (logical) to create images that are pleasing to both our physical eye and our subconscious mind. Again . . . why? Why why why why why? There are those that feel that it's little more than inter-universe graffiti. I don't buy that, simply because the design elements (geometry aside) are so human in nature. Or maybe, that's simply because they're planet is like ours in many ways. Or maybe it used to be?

Then, of course, there's the possibility of government conspiracy. *yawns* "Yeah, man. It's the government. They're putting these symbols in the field man. They're trying to control our minds man!" Yeah, okay. So it's possible, I just don't think it's very plausible. People in general care very little about the goings on at Capitol Hill, what would be the possible point in trying to get them to care any less? Also, what would be the link between the past decades of crop circle appearances? Anyone have a conspiracy theory on this? I'd love to hear it. Seriously.

So, I guess how this breaks down is I don't know. I don't know who is making them. I don't know why. All I know is that they're a fascinating phenomenon which deserves further research, given the fact that they're oh-so-obviously NOT made by human hands/tools.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Crop Circles Pt. 2

Yes, I'm a day late. My dad's home, so comp time is at a premium.  So without further ado, part two of crop circles. Perfect Geometry and Symbolism.
Okay, so crop circles have neat designs. Like a kaleidascope. There is your first hint. For anyone who doesn't know, a kaleidascope repeates the same image using mirrors, so that it is identical. Now, not all crop circles repeat exactly like this, but they do utilize some very specific geometric shapes. Namely, circles, triangles, squares, pentagrams and hexagrams. Also you will rarely find a heptagram (7 sides). A Mr. Bert Janssen is credited with really discovering how these shapes are used to create the images we see in crop circles.
Before I ship you off to his site, yes, I too saw the History channel presentation on the Davinci Code. "If you take so many points and draw so many lines eventually you'll come up with some shape." *blah* And a hundred monkeys with a hundred typewriters in a hundred years could write Shakespeare. Remember in HS how your math teacher was so anal about showing your work? Well this guy does. . . except he's working backwards from someone else's answer, which makes it even more impressive. So go take a look. I'll wait.
~*~Jeopardy theme plays in the background~*~
Welcome back. Confusing? Yeah, they show that exact same thing on my DVD only animated with computer technology so they show the frame overlapping the crop circle with shading and such. Sorry. lol Basic point within all of the madness is that these shapes are no accident. They're not random. One of the basic concepts of ancient construction (not so much today, sadly) is ratios. I've never been good at explaining math stuff (it's a passion, not an obsession), but if you look at a snail shell, notice how it gets smaller as it goes in? It has perfect proportion. These proportions are duplicated with the shapes within the crop circles. *GGGRRRR* This is so frustrating because I know exactly what I'm talking about. *humph* If you've ever seen "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land" YOU know exactly what I'm talking about! If you haven't, and you get the chance, you really should. It's a terrific little feature. Also, please go to that site and let them know you want to see it re-released on DVD. I feel it is the absolute BEST thing any child can ever watch. (yes, I am fully aware of my nerdiness, let's move on)
Even the placement of the crop circle within the field is not accidental. You know when you look down at the field and there are those lines cutting across it? Those lines are there anyway, it's how machinery and such get across the fields without damaging the crops. They are also used as reference points for the different shapes used to create the patterns. The crop circle will either touch those lines or be a proportionate distance (in relation to the proportions of the pattern) from them.
As for the oddly shaped crop "circles", those shaped like a horse or some kind of lettering (I saw one on TV that was a message on a hill), I have no idea if they tested the crops for the distinguising features mentioned earlier, so I don't know if they're true crop circles or not.
Now, something a tad easier to explain. Symbolism. The use of the golden ration in creating the patterns has a subliminal, almost hypnotic effect on those viewing it. There is something deep inside of us that responds to the use of this repeating pattern. Possibly a link to it's use in nature. Possibly something else. Yet, the symbolism does not stop there.
I was watching my "Crop Circles Explained" DVD (thanks Hun, I Love You!) and noticed something that took my breath away. Aside from the obviouse pentacles which pop up, there are also Celtic symbols (including the now famous triquatra), Egyptian symbols and many which reminded me of Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs. No, not Hex="bad", hex="symbol to bring about some positive result". Just go look.
In addition, there are many symbols which aren't so . . . cryptic. There are obvious flowers, eyes, suns, moons, stars. Obvious symbols. Of course, like dream symbols, these can mean different things to different people, but they're there, in plain daylight. One I saw that really touched me was a crescent moon with 3 stars in the hollow space.
Not only that, some of the "random" shape, kaleidoscope-type crop circles can touch you (as a symbol would) for reasons you just won't know by plainly looking at it. To me, this is just fascinating, because it works on a part of our subconscious that we're not even aware of. Here, check this out and see if any of these crop circles stir something within you. Yes? No? Either way, that's only a small selection.
So, what does the presence of the symbols mean? *shrugs* Who am I? Nostradamus? Besides, I'll get into my theories and ideas tomorrow.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Crop Circles Pt. 1

Yes, part 1. lol Got a lot swimming around in my brain about this one. Told ya I'd come up with something interesting. Just a few things to get out of the way before beginning. Yes, I do believe in aliens. No, I'm not trying to convince you to. This is about crop circles, not aliens. Yes, I am fully aware that there are hoaksters out there who create fake crop circles. As far as I'm concerned they can all take a long walk off a short pier. Yet, if it weren't for their misguided efforts, then we wouldn't have such mounting evidence that most crop circles CAN NOT have been made by human hands. Or tools. These are the ones I am focusing on. These are the important ones.

Now, we begin. Let's call this section "Intro to Crop Circles". What seperates a forgery from a true crop circle? There are three distinct features that every real crop circle contains.
    Evidence of Microwave Radiation
    Evidence of Electricity
    Evidence of Magentism

1. Evidence of Microwave Radiation: This, I believe, is the most influential in the actual formation of the crop circles. Firstly, microwave radiation has a distinct effect of "blowing out" the joints of the crops. You know that thing that happens when ya nuke a hot dog too long? Same thing. The air and moister in the joints gets super heated and explodes out the side. It also provides us with a big difference between real and man made. Real crop circles are made of curved, not bent or broken, stalks.
2. Evidence of Electricity: This one I find to be the most unusual, because the actual effects are dependant on the age of the crops. If a crop circle is formed in a field of young stalks, the growth is permanently stunted and many are unable to create seeds for future planting. However, in mature plants that are already bearing seeds, the growth of the seeds is accelerated. These affects of electricity on plants (wheats usually) has been duplicated in labs.
3. Evidence of Magnetism: This one I find the most fascinating. There is a mineral within our atmosphere that is brought to earth when meteors enter our atmosphere. This mineral is found all over the earth in small amounts. However, within crop circles the concentration of this mineral is much higher, and just outside of the crop circle area it is minimal to non-existant. As a visual example (visualize, I don't have a picture handy) is if you take a piece of paper with iron shavings on it and move a magnet under the paper, the magnet will pick up the shavings and form them into a clump. Then, when you move the magnet straight down and away from the paper, the shavings are left in that clump. Cool, huh? A better example of how this would work as far as crop circles is those giant electromagnet cranes. Turn it on, pick up the scrap metal from all over and deposit in one huge pile.

I'm not sure which of these evidences factors into the weaving effect, but this is another feature found in real crop circles that can not be duplicated in hoaxes. The stalks are interwoven into each other (without being broken) and laid flat, rather than just piled on top of each other while being flattened.

So, if I have done anything to convince you that there is in fact a difference between "real" and "fake" crop circles, then I have done my job. So far. ^_^

In closing my Intro here, I would like to say that when looking at the shear size and intricacy of some of these crop circles (not to mention the fact that there is no damage surrounding them as would be made by people tromping through) there is no possible way that even 50 people could possibly pull them off in the span of one night without being caught. Not using the methods these hoaksters are oh-so proud of, and certainly not being able to replicate the evidence mentioned above. There is another factor distinguishing real crop circles that I will get into (in-depth) tomorrow in part two of our journey. "Perfect Geometry and Symbolism".

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"Come Up To The Lab....

. . . and see what's on the slab!" Guess what my wonderful, amazing, caring, loving hubby found for me! *grins* Check it out: RHPS Downloads. Down at the bottom of the page is a link where you can get the RHPS font! *faints* I already downloaded it. If you want it, all you have to do is right-click, "Save Target As" and then when the download thingy comes up put it in C:/Windows/Fonts Then it'll be there forever! Muahahahaha! C'mon, I wouldn't suggest it if it was gonna screw up your computer. I'm nicer than that.

*teehee* This is even cooler than nabbing the Grand Theft Auto fonts. I just wish I could figure out how to change the aim buddy icon . . . they have some for neopets as well, but when I click on them it just takes me to a "this page cannot be displayed" thing. No fair! Hrm . . . .

Hey, check this out. If you're looking for fonts I found 1001 Free Fonts. Hrm. That's a lot. lol Yeah, I know, I'm going a little random. I had about 20 great blog ideas before I went to bed last night, woke up and couldn't remember a single one of 'em! Except a couple nights ago towards the end of my dream I was picking up some papers I had dropped and this older black gentleman came up to help me. He was really nice and had an accent that I just couldn't place (it didn't sound African) and he kept calling me "Daughters". Not like he was generalizing me, like that was his name for me.

Oh hey! That free fonts site, on the first page of the As is what's called "A Charming Font", looks like the lettering they use for the Charmed series logo thingy. Kewl! I'm getting that one too. . . . Okay . . . that files a little bigger than I expected. *shrugs* . . . . Oh! That's why. It has the italic and outline and extended versions also. Kewl! I'm gonna go now, it's a little hard to read, but I know of a few people who would die to get this font.

FONT!!! <-*snickers*