Wednesday, March 28, 2007


"He exclaimed with great relish." *snickers* I love that movie. So why am I so excited? I just figured out how to make my own contact table!!! *whoot!* It was a lot of work, and I have a little bit of tweaking to do with the font size (yes, I realize it's blurry), but I'm so excited! Once I work out the bugs (font bugs, not coding bugs) I'll offer to make y'all your own contact table if ya like. *grins* Once that offer is available I'll let ya know what size pic you need and all that. Of course, due to the work that goes into it, and the space it'll take up in my photobucket account, this offer will only be available to my friends (does anyone else read this?) and my dear blog readers will be the first to know . . . probably the only ppl to know. Don't wanna get swamped. . . . *shrugs* Like I said, still have a little work to do. brb . . .

I'm back . . . and fully aware how unneccesary that was. Habit, ya know. Uh . . . . I guess that's it. Gotta check on my neopets before ma wakes up and kicks me off the computer. ^_^

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