Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spongebob Cranepants?

First off, thanks to Sandy and Tav. It's raining very nicely here now, and as soon as I'm done here I'm going to go sit on the soaked porch swing and just drink it in. First chance I get I'll head out to the walking trails (for some reason I get nervous going to the island by myself lately), spend some time by those giant boulders (you remember the ones, don't ya Sandy?) and then head down to the waterfall and dip my feet in. Bugs be damned! lol

Second, today Aaron and I went to HEB to pick up some stuff (soda and instant taters if you must know *snickers*) and we passed the crane game on the way out. Usually we'll peek just to see what they have in there, but we know they're rigged so it's very rare that we actually give it a shot. We saw what appeared to be a pirate spongebob plush. Turned out to be a gay biker outfit, but whatever. The point is, thinking it was a pirate, I told Aaron that he had to try for it. We had 50 cents, so he pops it in, takes the control and nabs spongebob! I didn't breath the whole time the crane was going back up and towards the box cuz I've seen those stupid things drop the prize too many times. *BAM* Right into the box! I was so excited, I knew I was gonna post about it and I decided to color a picture as a nice background for it. Silly, I know, but I think it came out nicely:

I hope that shows up. I'm linking directly to my MySpace album which I don't normally do. Now that we know that crane actually holds on to stuff, he's wanting to try for the Family Guy toys they've got in there.

Well, it's 4:40am. My mom's asleep at the moment (I think) so I'm going to change and sit out in the rain before a) it stops and b) the whole world wakes up and wrecks the ambience. I'll be back. . . . assuming I don't fall asleep out there and catch pneumonia or something. Thanks again for your support! I love you guys!!!

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