Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Puppy Dream

Last night I dreamt of Sasha.  Aaron and I were walking down a dirt road.  It was a bright, beautiful clear day.  At the end of the road was a cul-de-sac with a huge green bush in the middle, and there was Sasha sitting right next to it.  We ran up to her and she was so happy and healthy.  When we tried to get her to come home with us, she disappeared.  I told Aaron about my dream and he said "That's because she can't."  I know this.  lol  We had to try anyway, I suppose.  Rather than making me sadder, though, it was nice to see her again.  I've always believed that our animal companions wait for us on the other side, happy and young and frolicking free.  It was just really nice to see her there.
  Also, not entirely related, I've caught more mice!  Finally got to set one free in broad daylight.  It was so cute running off into the field.  Probably scared 1/2 to death after being stuck in a box, but if he knew the alternative . . . *shudders*  don't even wanna think about that.

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