Sunday, March 18, 2007


ITC stands for Instrumental TransCommunication. If you've ever seen the movies "White Noise" or "Pulse", they center largely around ITC. They are like visual EVPs. There are two main ways to catch them.

    Static: You set your TV set to a static station and record it with a video camera. When you go over the footage later you see the images within the snow>
    Infinite Loop: You set up you video camera's output into the TV's input (like how they have 'em displayed in the store) and point the camera directly at the TV so you get the repeating picture. Record that and then view the footage for images that "shouldn't" be there.

I think it's the simplicity of capturing these images that really has me intrigued. EVPs are amazing, but you usually have to prompt the spirit into talking to you. With ITC you just let the camera roll. Yet, there is the question . . . while you're watching them, are they watching you?
It may seem like kind of an assinine thing. Of course if you're watching snow long enough you'll start to see something. Then you have to sit and think that spirits draw on either organic or (more likely) electronic energy to manifest in our plane. Below is a list of some sites that have ITC pics that show various images or scenes. As I was looking at some of the more detailed ones, I started wondering if these could somehow be related to those images where you have to "look past the picture" to see the secret image? You know what I'm talking about. I could never do those, but it seems very similar. For some of the pics you will see (if you choose to look) I'll admit that I can't see anything . . . certainly not what they're describing. However, it's the really detailed ones that make up for it. Anyway, here are some of the sites:

    AA EVP: This is a good site with a lot of information. At the top of this particular page are a couple of links to their ITC galleries.
    ITC Page: Here's one with a few really detailed pics.
    World ITC: This page has so much information, and some really good pics. Definetly worth checking out, IMO.
      Whether or not you believe in ghosts and earth-bound spirits, or spirits in a parallel universe that intersect with ours from time to time, you should still take a look. Ya know, just to see. Curiosity may have killed the proverbial cat, but we're not exactly feline are we?

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