Sunday, March 25, 2007

Garr Licks

Haha! Tricked ya. 'Nother neopets update. This one is too cute, though. As you may, or may not, know I'm working on trying to get a JubJub to zap into being coconut colored. Well, I came close. Can ya guess? Yup! Garlic! Look at her!

I like this so much I'm keeping her. Went and got another JubJub (yellow) to try and turn coconut.

Oh, and Elvis got a fur-cut today. He's so frikken adorable! I mean, he's cute with his long wild-pup hippie hair, but when he's all cut down and you can see his ears and neck *snickers* he just gets so cute!!!

SSSssshhhhhh. He's sleeping. *grins* We now have 146 pics and 2 vids of him. ^_^ As soon as I get a better pic of him with his haircut I'll post a little "before and after" of him. The many faces of pup! *teehee*

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