Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bye-Bye Sasha

  The whole time she was with us, I tried to find her a better home.  I knew my sister wasn't going to take care of her.  But the rest of us banded together.  Made sure she was fed, brushed and let out.  I played catch with her, and got the matts out of her fur.  She was best friends with Buzz and the reluctant girlfriend of Elvis.  Every now and then I can hear her panting in my ear.  She wasn't very smart, but her heart was bursting with love and devotion.  Now she is running rampant through the greenest pastures, chasing down the birds and squrrels and able to eat whatever she likes without consequence.  Though she has left us, her inner light lives on.  Bye-bye Sasha, we will miss you.

Sasha's Memorial Page

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