Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The 'Key' To Your Dreams

Been a long week with some persistent agitations, but rather than fuel my mood by ranting, I'll share with y'all something really interesting I came across.  It's called "The Key to Your Dreams" written by Janina Renee and found in Llewellyn's 2005 Magical Almanac (thank you Tim).
"Library shelves are overflowing with books that recount the fantastic adventures, wonderful insights, creative solutions, and poignant prophecies that other people have culled from their dreams.  But suppose your own dreams are very prosaic - always the same old people, places, and situations.  They don't seem to tell you anything that you don't already know.  Here is an idea that may help open a new dimension to your dream world.

  Keep an old skeleton key or clock key by your bedside.  Hang it perhaps from your bedpost by a purple ribbon, or keep it in some way close by so you can handle it and contemplate it a few moments before falling asleep.

  As you contemplate, picture yourself standing before a long arched door - key in hand.  If you're able to achieve a moment of lucidity while you dream, try to recall this image: you, the key, and the door.  Picture yourself putting the key in the lock and turning it.

  What does this open door reveal?  Maybe it is a fancifully decorated room, and enclosed garden, or a staircase leading up or down to someplace else.  Let your dream take it from there, with the assurance you'll see something new and worthwhile.  Even if the dream doesn't get interesting, you'll still have made some of your own luck.  It is widely agreed that 'to dream of a key is a good sign'."

  Also, Aaron and I decided that rather than buying me a ring, he's going to take me digging to find my own stone then we're gonna have it cut and set ourselves.  I'm so excited!  I've already found a couple of places in Texas where you can dig for cheap, just trying to find something a touch closer.

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