Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just Some Thoughts

It was brought up in my group, and it's really something to think about.  "Have you ever used someone's ignorance of Wicca to scare someone into behaving?"  Have I?  No.  Not many people know, and I wouldn't want those who do to come away with the wrong impressions.  However, there are times when I joke and kid in mixed company and I wonder if that serves exactly the purpose I'm trying to avoid.  If I were to say, "Ya better be careful!" with a huge grin on my face, would someone go away with a lingering wonder as to whether or not I was serious?  I just don't know.  Kind of a frightening thought.  
  On the other hand, when I say something like, "If anyone screws with my family there'll be hell to pay" then I do mean it.  Everyone does.  By basic concept it shouldn't be any different from anyone else saying it, but somehow it is.  Yet, anyone seeking retribution would use whatever means they had at their disposal . . . . in the same respect any harm done, magic or mundane, would put the person in a position of having to face the consequences.  Karmic or penal.  So by this logic, if a person wronged me would I use their ignorance of my path to scare them?  Again, no.  If it ever got to that point, then I still would not want them to come away with the wrong impression.  I would want them to know that I'm serious in what I say.

  I read somewhere when I started my journey (has it been 8 years already?!) that for spellwork to really work, then there has to be an innate knowledge within yourself that what you say will come to pass, and that the best way to accomplish this is to speak the truth.  If everything you say is so, then the same would apply to magic.  You say it, so it is.  If you go around lying all the time, then how are the powers you're calling upon supposed to believe you're telling the truth then?  It is difficult, but it puts a person in a position where they really want to think before speaking.  Not only that, but to control . . . . nurture . . . . yeah, nurture a certain way of thinking.  Proper speech and proper thought, because thought is energy.  That is the hardest part for me because it seems that irritation leaves a compounding risidual so that even the littlest thing can come across as a very big thing.

  Am I rambling?  I think I may be rambling.  Oh well, I think I've said what I wanted to.  As always, if anyone has any questions about Wicca (the religion) or Magic (the science), I'll always answer with honesty.  And before I get questions about that, yes, the two can be mutually exclusive.  Now, I'm off to prepare for the spiritual journey ahead of me.  I will not mention what I'm hoping to accomplish {I just don't need that kind of pressure!}, but I will blog all about it late Sunday or early Monday.  Take care everyone!

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