Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Back

  Things didn't go exactly as planned.  Of course, they rarely do.  I did learn that while the Pom juice is a little overpowering, the Pom Tea is really really good!  I also learned that to quit smoking I'm going to have to trick myself again.  Or rather, use my own weakness against myself.  The first time I quit (thanks Mike) I put my last pack inside my Tommy (from Rugrats, yes) backpack and hid it in the bottom of my closet.  Didn't realize this until we moved and I found the backpack.  lmao  So I'm going to go with a similar method.  If I want one, I'm going to have to dig it out.  Actually . . . . teeheehee . . . . I'll make it a 3 step method . . . . curious?  Well, remember those cedar boxes ya get for free when ya graduate?  Ya know, where ya have to get the paper from those Herf Jones guys and then drive ALL the way out to Cove and then drive around for 45 minutes looking for a seedy little furniture shop?  I'll lock it in there and then lock the key up in the shed.  That should do it.  

  But I'm off topic.  I did cut back quite a bit, especially Saturday.  Which might account for the unusual dream I had.  It was unique in that I had a whole decade's worth of memories, about myself and a particular individual (that I knew in real life) the police were looking for, but when I woke up I realized that none of it had happened.  As I was talking to the police I even relayed a dream that I had had.  That I, in fact, hadn't.  A dream memory inside of a dream?  Any ideas?  On they have a fairly big section on dreaming about police, but none of them having to do with the cops looking for someone else.

  We haven't seen Darrell in a little over a week.  Certainly not like we used to.  Starting to get worried about him/her.  Last time we did see him, he was hiding out behind the trailer next door, so maybe he's just trying to avoid the bulldozers and crap.  I certainly hope so, anyway.

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