Friday, February 9, 2007

Dream of the End?

  The dream I had last night was just too much.  I had to share it:

  I started out in what could have been a classroom.  I didn't stay there long.  I left and went about 2 blocks to the right to what I thought was another classroom.  It ended up being like a diner.  It was mostly empty, except a handful of people.

  I was talking to someone about a video or something I had left in the classroom.  I was about to go back for it, but stopped when I looked outside.  There was an eye/portal opened up in the sky, which was red and yellow, from which a giant red claw was emerging.  The whole area across the street was a wasteland.  There were maybe four people outside of the diner, but they seemed almost frozen where they stood.  My mom opened the diner door and said that it was the "end of days" and then stood frozen in the doorway.  From the left came this giant of a man wearing a black suit, but he was moving and acting like a rat.  As he passed the diner I hid under a table so that he couldn't see me.

  The rat man went around the corner and found a person who was not frozen.  He quickly grabbed this person and started eating him.  I took this moment to re-close the diner doors then quickly got back under the table.  I looked back up at the portal and there were bugs coming out, then the claw came back and started slashing around.

  To the right I noticed 2 men in grey suits walking right past the rat man.  As they came around the diner, which by this time was empty, I could hear them talking.  The taller man said something like "This has worked perfectly."  These were two normal people, so I figured out that this was somehow a manufactured Armageddon.  How or why I wasn't sure, but as soon as I knew this, it caught the attention of these two men.

  I took off running and found myself in either a hospital or an office building.  I had to hide.  Unfortunately, the only way to go was up.  On the top floor I found a big verticle tube with some wires.  I wedged myself in there and settled in to think.

  I felt like I had been in there for a while, weeks or even months.  Then, the tall man in the grey suit walked in to talk to another man who worked there.  I could hear him thinking, wondering where I was.  Then, suddenly, he looked up and caught a glimpse of me.  Luckily I was fairly high off the ground and he couldn't reach me right away.  I shimmied out of the tube and took off.
  I ran from room to room trying to find a suitable place to hide.  I climed up and down shelves, trying my best to come up with a plan to get out of there.  I was unable to do so before waking up.

  According to Dream Moods, which I have used before, to dream of armageddon means that you are feeling hopeless and out of control.  However, I couldn't find any entries for "false" or "fake".  To dream that you are hiding suggests that you are keeping a secret or withholding information.   Alternatively, it could mean that you are not wanting to face an issue.  Both of these I find kind of interesting since I've been feeling pretty good about my present situation.  A little nervouse about some things (interviews *shudders*), but overall optimistic.  Hrm . . . . .

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