Sunday, February 4, 2007

3 Saved Mice

Okay, before I had mentioned the live catch mouse trap I picked up.  Well, for a while there it wasn't working.  They'd go in, grab the food and then leave.  Very frustrating!  Well, I looked at it, and the metal bar that lifts up to trap them in wasn't going all the way to the top of the trap.  And these mice are so small (about the size of a golf ball) that they were just squeezing right through!  So I bent up the bar a little bit, made sure it still moved the way it's supposed to, and re-set it down.  Not even an hour later Elvis scared two of 'em right into it!  Then last night Aaron found another one in there trying to get back out.  Hurray!  We let 'em out down the driveway into the fenced area that still has some tree cover.  I'm so happy!

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