Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Wonderland?!

Just when you think you're safe, out of nowhere it goes and freezes up on you! Had to take my dad up to the truck yard this morning and seriously had a helluva time! Couldn't get out of the yard cuz the gate latch was frozen shut, couldn't get the doors open cuz the handles were frozen solid, nearly slipped and fell to my death on the wooden plank we use as a bridge for when it floods. That's what the problem was. It rained and rained and rained the past 2 days and then it all froze! No worries, Darrell is doing fine. Like I said, he's a survivor.

Here's my favorite picture. There's some mistletoe hanging on a tree in the back yard and it was practically glowing in the frosty early morning light. In my MySpace pictures section there's another picture of the Persimmon tree(bush) that's on the side of the house.

If this looks familiar, that's cuz it's the field ya run into coming towards Killeen from Hights. Doesn't it look phenomenal? Just for kicks, I've also got a pic of my ladybug windchime. ^_^ Enjoy the Texas winter wonderland! Take care and drive safe!

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