Saturday, January 13, 2007

Odds & Ends (poem)

Odds & Ends

Some beautiful times
Shared with all of you.
Not so great times
Of which no one knew.

Museums and art shows
And hiking all day
Best friends and no friends
It went either way

Struggling friendships
Some penpals to boot
Camping in the woods
Now that was a hoot

Laughing all day
And crying all night
I still don't care
If my shirts were too tight.

All secrets kept,
I've never told
I'm good for that
I'm just not that bold

Numbers constantly
swirl through my head
There were even days
I wished I were dead

But I'll end on a high note
As you should too
Cuz there's no such thing
As a breakfast burrito!

Okay, only a handful will understand that last line. I'm NOT gonna explain it, so don't ask.

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