Thursday, January 11, 2007

Late Night General Update

It's after 5am.  Stayed up all night which was STUPID!  Now I have 2 smokes to get me through tomorrow.  I know, I'm quitting, but it's harder than it looks.  And it looks pretty hard.  So . . . yeah . . . I got the member's section done on that site.  A couple things I'm not entirely happy with (250 message limit on the forum, are you kidding me?), but I'll work on that later.  
  On Neopets:  I submitted my gallery for the Gallery Spotlight award and wasn't picked.  Oh well.  I'm saving up np for a snowy paint brush, and after I get that I'll probably work my way up to 250 plushies and retry.  

  On MySpace: I added something new to my profile.  ^_^  Take the test to see how well you know me.  Go on, it's fun.  If you make one, I'll take yours.  Scout's honor.  Just let me know.  Also, I took off the thing to approve comments, so they'll go directly up.  I don't know if that counts for blog comments, but definetly for profile comments. . . . hrm . . . interesting.

  Dreams:  Yeah, I've had some interesting ones this year.  So far I've remembered every one.  As soon as I dream up something worth mentioning, y'all will be the first to know . . . unless I run into Jarly and tell her before I log in here.  She has a way of dragging stuff out of me.

  Halloween:  Yes, we already know what we're going to do this year.  ^_^  Aaron's going to be Blackbeard, and I'm doing Anne Bonnie.  It's gonna be fun.  Assuming we can get our hands on the right material for the costumes.  We're not doing Wal*Mart pirates, oh no.  Still gotta figure out where we're going to go to show 'em off.
  Okay, I'm officially exhausted.  Time to hit the little girl's room and go to bed.  Here's hoping I don't suddenly get a second wind as soon as my head hits the pillow . . . again.

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