Thursday, January 4, 2007

Dream People

I've given this subject a lot of though over the past week or so.  Especially after a dream I had the other night where I ran into a guy, saved his life, and then couldn't remember his face.  In my dreams, I'm myself 99% of the time.  As for other people, in my own experiences, I've divided them up into 3 catagories:
  • Friends & Family - These are people that you know in real life.  When they show up it is generally because there is some trait of theirs that you need in the course of the dream, or are supposed to learn from.
  • "From Afars" - These are people you don't know personally, but you know a lot of.  Like celebrities or historical figures.  I'm assuming they would show up for roughly the same reason as family and friends, but since you don't know them personally, it would be a trait of theirs that you assume.  If that makes sense.  In some cases, though, these people will show up if you're continually bombarded with them.  (Try watching TV before going to bed and see what happens.) 
  • Dream People - These are people that you don't know.  They may or may not seem familiar when you encounter them.  They may play a big part in the dream, or they may be a background character.  If they're important, then there will be something about them that stands out.  Something about their personality, something they do or something they have on them.  These are generally the hardest to remember their faces.  I don't know why.  This is my experience anyway.
  Not sure how useful this is.  Just something I've been thinking about so I figured I'd post it.  ^_^

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