Monday, January 22, 2007

2 New Avvies!!

I'm so happy. I was just sitting here going through my avatarlog profile, checking out how difficult it would be to get some of the avvies I don't have yet. I decided to play some of the games you can get an avatar from and managed to wrangle:

This one!

Then as I was looking around at the battledome avvies I don't yet have, my offer on the Snow Paint Brush was accepted! So I also got:

This one!

Frijana's Pet Page has been updated accordingly. ^_^ So what's next on Neopets? Training. Frijana's got to be good and strong to get some of those battledome avatars, and not only that, as soon as I can find a guide to the Defenders of Neopia side-missions I'll be getting some new trophies as well.

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