Wednesday, November 1, 2006

My Reading (+ some stuff)

Okay, at first glance all looks good.  I used a normal 10-card spread, and here's how it came out:

1) Present Position: The Empress - Feminine aspects, progress
2)Current Circumstances: The Star - Hope, Faith, Good Omen
3)Goal: 5 of Cups - Partial loss
4)Distant Past: King of Swords - Professional Man
5)Recent Past: Page of Pentacles - Bearer of News
6)Future Events: 6 of Wands - Conquest, Triumph
7)Querent's Role: 5 of Pentacles - Loss, failure
8)Environmental Influence:Queen of Wands - Sympathetic person
9)Inner Emotions:The Hermit - Prudence, Withdrawel
10)Overview:Queen of Pentacles - Prosperity, Well-being

Yes, this is a very basic description . . . and I can just hear Wkd now, "What?!  You didn't expand for the face cards?  How are you supposed to know what the message is?"  lol  At any rate, I got the information I was looking for.  Notice no Tower or Death card.  So while the change will be great, it will not require a dramatic loss.  *phew*  I know who all of the people represented are (they come up often) and the cards showing my role and inner feelings are pointing me exactly where I need to be.  I will probably do another reading with the Queen of Wands and the King of Swords to see exactly which way I should be looking on this one (in this particular situation I'm up in the air), but at least I can look forward to a good outcome.  ^_^

  Halloween was great.  We didn't get around to watching all of the movies we had lined up, but we owns 'em so it's all good.  We watched a lot of ghost stuff on TV that we don't owns.  lol  We did, however, watch a movie called "Audition".  If you're over 17 (which I know you are) and you think you've got the stomach for it, check it out.  All I'm gonna say is it's Japanese and at one point Aaron and I almost vomited.  So, yeah, check it out.

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