Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dream Experience

I'm back.  ^_^  Been a long week there.  Thought I'd share an interesting dream I had a couple of days ago.  In it, I was a cat.  Walking on all fours with cat parents and everything.  This was wierd for me, because normally I'm just myself.  
  I had come home after exploring all day, and my cat-dad was livid.  He was worried something could have happened to me.  I got scared and took off.  I ended up next door where it didn't take me long to remember that the old lady next door hated cats.  I ran as quick as I could while she was trying to spray me with some kind of poison.  I jumped on top of her car then up on her roof, hoping she wouldn't be able to reach me.  

  I wish I could remember more of the exploring part, but as far as I remembered (and wrote down) after I woke up, the dream started with my coming home.

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