Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dream Meanings

  By Shed Spread special request I went and checked for their online dream book.  They have literally oodles of dream symbol meanings and, surprisingly, different interpretations for your personal feelings on things.  (what something means in your dream will differ depending on whether you have harsh or happy emotions attached to something when you're awake).  They have a big ol' section on cats, but nothing on being a cat.  However, The Guild Companion says that "being a cat denotes stealth, agility and luck", but the fact that this is a D&D reference article has me a bit skeptical.  OOoooooh  O.o  Now this is interesting.  According to, to dream of consuming poison (snorting bug spray is consuming poison, right?)  indicates "that you are introducing something into yourself that is harmful to your well-being.  This may be feelings of bitterness, jealousy or other bad feelings that is consuming you."

  Now, my High School psychology teacher would probably bust a gasket over this, but you don't need to look up every single last syllable ("Evil Dead" rocks) of a dream to figure out it's meaning.  Mine was pretty easy.  I was a cat, and I got poisoned.  Yet, if I were to go and look up: Mother, Father, 3 (three cats altogether), jump, vent, car, driveway, neighbor, lady, roof, etc.; then the message itself would just get muddled.

  Ex:  In HS psychology when we did dream interpretation the night before I had dreamt that my boyfriend at the time was driving me somewhere and we ended at a cross-roads in the middle of the woods where there was a traffic light (cuz that happens all the time in Texas, lol) and when he tried to stop the car spun around and nearly flipped over.  Personally, from the way I felt about him, and his manic driving, this told me the end was near.  Which it was.  However, through looking up all the symobls the book (can't remember if it was Freudian or Jungian) said that I felt safe with him. 

  My point (Yes Virginia, there is a point) is that when it comes to dream interpetation, 9 times out of 10, go with your gut.  How do you feel about what's going on?  If a dream seems to have no direct message, but is rife with symbolism, then look up those symbols for which you have no direct feelings one way or another.  I'll generally look up certain animals in the three books I have with dream symbols in them.  Maybe my Gypsy book has something on being a cat . . . .  Actual interpretation is not my forte, but I will add interpretation to dreams I post.  Assuming it's not too long.  lol 

  If you're wanting to check on your own dreams and don't wanna go out and buy a book (I've seen 'em between $30-$100) then just check  So far the most complete collection of dream symbols I've found.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dream Experience

I'm back.  ^_^  Been a long week there.  Thought I'd share an interesting dream I had a couple of days ago.  In it, I was a cat.  Walking on all fours with cat parents and everything.  This was wierd for me, because normally I'm just myself.  
  I had come home after exploring all day, and my cat-dad was livid.  He was worried something could have happened to me.  I got scared and took off.  I ended up next door where it didn't take me long to remember that the old lady next door hated cats.  I ran as quick as I could while she was trying to spray me with some kind of poison.  I jumped on top of her car then up on her roof, hoping she wouldn't be able to reach me.  

  I wish I could remember more of the exploring part, but as far as I remembered (and wrote down) after I woke up, the dream started with my coming home.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Oy, another year gone by.  What am I now, 24? 25? Do I hear 23?  23 sounds good.  We'll go with that for now.  *snickers*  I got to feel nice and old 2 days ago when I heard the first 80s song played on the Oldies station.  *sigh*  I guess it makes sense since they were playing 60s music in the 80s, but why!  I think I'll go off and cry now . . . . . maybe not.  It's not so bad.  At least now they're playing 'em on 2 stations . . . 3 if you count the old metal they play on 101.7.  I really don't, but I'm sure some people do.  I'm really diggin' the Neopets birthday sidebar.  It's so colorful!  Got a great breakfast in bed prepared by my loving husband, who also happens to be the cook in the family.  I guess that's really it.  Is it just me or does my picture look all grainy all of a sudden?  Might have to take a new one . . . .

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

My Reading (+ some stuff)

Okay, at first glance all looks good.  I used a normal 10-card spread, and here's how it came out:

1) Present Position: The Empress - Feminine aspects, progress
2)Current Circumstances: The Star - Hope, Faith, Good Omen
3)Goal: 5 of Cups - Partial loss
4)Distant Past: King of Swords - Professional Man
5)Recent Past: Page of Pentacles - Bearer of News
6)Future Events: 6 of Wands - Conquest, Triumph
7)Querent's Role: 5 of Pentacles - Loss, failure
8)Environmental Influence:Queen of Wands - Sympathetic person
9)Inner Emotions:The Hermit - Prudence, Withdrawel
10)Overview:Queen of Pentacles - Prosperity, Well-being

Yes, this is a very basic description . . . and I can just hear Wkd now, "What?!  You didn't expand for the face cards?  How are you supposed to know what the message is?"  lol  At any rate, I got the information I was looking for.  Notice no Tower or Death card.  So while the change will be great, it will not require a dramatic loss.  *phew*  I know who all of the people represented are (they come up often) and the cards showing my role and inner feelings are pointing me exactly where I need to be.  I will probably do another reading with the Queen of Wands and the King of Swords to see exactly which way I should be looking on this one (in this particular situation I'm up in the air), but at least I can look forward to a good outcome.  ^_^

  Halloween was great.  We didn't get around to watching all of the movies we had lined up, but we owns 'em so it's all good.  We watched a lot of ghost stuff on TV that we don't owns.  lol  We did, however, watch a movie called "Audition".  If you're over 17 (which I know you are) and you think you've got the stomach for it, check it out.  All I'm gonna say is it's Japanese and at one point Aaron and I almost vomited.  So, yeah, check it out.