Monday, October 23, 2006


Saturday night, a bunch of us made the trek up to Waxahachie to go to the Scream park.  It's a huge Halloween theme park (draped over their Scarborough Faire set-up) with 4 huge haunted houses, food, drink, rides and games.  And a monster museum (which we didn't go in this year cuz it's $5 more to get in there).  Anywho, aside from the freezing temps, it rocked out!  We went in the Arcane Asylum, which was creepy!  One of my favorite parts (and not just cuz it scared Aaron almost out of his skin) was a part that looked like a normal empty room, all lit up, except at the end is a barred up door.  The door moves like there's something trying to get out and then the floorboards start popping up and coming at you!  It was crazy!
  The other one we went in was the 3D clown one, I can't remember what it was called . . . and I'm too lazy to check the website.  ^_^  Anyway, it's all psychedelic neon colored and you go through it with 3D glasses on.  Even with Aaron leading me I almost ran into 2 walls.  Seriously, I think the lady in front of us peed her pants.  lol  Towards the end is one of those rotating tunnels.  You walk across this bridge, which I didn't think was gonna be too bad, until the bridge started tilting!  At first I thought it was just me!

  I loved the drive there and back (I'm a road trip nut) and totally plan on going back next year to hit the other 2 haunted houses.  One is a huge castle, and the other is called Black Hole . . . or something like that.  Next time I'll be wearing a jacket.

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