Friday, October 20, 2006

The Noble Eightfold Path

I appreciate your patience.  ^_^  Now, for those of you who are interested, here is the Noble Eightfold path.  It is a part of the Buddhist tradition.  As you will see, it's not so difficult.

1. Right Speech:  True, kind and appropriate speech
2. Right Activity: Actions which do not harm
3. Right Livelihood: Obtaining our substinance by non-harmful and honest means
4. Right Effort: Effort to counteract disturbing attitudes and negative emotions by meditating on the path (I take this as any positive spiritual path you are following)
5. Right Mindfulness: Counteractiving laxity and excitement in our meditation (finding the middle ground in our emotions so we can think clearly)
6. Right Samadhi: The mind that can remain fixed one pointedly upon virtuous objects (concentrating on your tools when working magick, your rosary when praying, etc.)
7. Right View: The wisdom realizing emptiness (I may have to go back over my notes, this one eludes me at the moment)
8. Right Thought: The mind that can explain the path clearly to others and is motivated by the wish for them to be free from suffering (as opposed to the "growing your flock" mentality.  Note, this says explain, not force upon)

So there you have it.  ^_^  Take from it what you will.

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