Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Samhain

Or Halloween if you prefer.  ^_^  I hope all of you have a wonderful day.  I know I will.  Aside from the normal married-people-anniversary-type-stuff, Aaron and I are gonna watch scary movies and gorge ourselves on junk food all day.  FiddleFaddle, pizza, poppers, nachos . . . ya know, movie food.  Today I will also take the time (probably after he goes to sleep) to do the tarot reading.  I will post the results so those of you who are interested can see what I came up with.  It's been a while, may be a little rusty, but my cards are usually glad to have me back.  ^_^  Yes, they have a personality.  When they're feeling ignored they'll hide from me, and if I've been a good little girl, they don't beat around the bush with their answers.  But I'm ranting.  Don't forget, if you have any departed friends or relatives you would like to get in touch with (the deceased are a treasure trove of information) then today's the day to do it.  It's also the perfect time for divination (where do you think the info's coming from anyway?) and don't forget about the fun and candy!!!!  I guess that's all for today.  Be good little boils and ghouls and keep your pets inside when possible.  Goddess knows I'd NEVER let Onyx out on this day of all days.  She's staying firmly locked up in the bathroom where no psychopath satanist or whathaveyou can get at my baby.

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