Saturday, September 23, 2006

Spirit and Water

Just something I was thinking about earlier.  That spirituality is a lot like water.  Everyone's got their own bucket.  For some people, this is enough.  Some people dip into their bucket and when it's empty, they don't know where to turn and they feel empty.  Others often go to a river or stream (religion) to refill their bucket.  Each river and stream is different, but is fulfilling for the person who takes their bucket there.  But, I feel, if you follow all of the rivers and streams then they all eventually lead you to the vast oceans.  This is where spirituality becomes deeper, and turns into something much more vast than could ever fit into one bucket.  For some people, the sheer depth of this ocean of Spirit is overwhelming.  For others, it opens up a whole new world of exploration and fulfillment.  Some even lose thier bucket entirely, choosing to draw from their river, or straight from the ocean itself.  Which one are you?


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