Monday, August 28, 2006


Meditation can be one of the most confusing things to start doing.  Our minds are used to racing through events (past, present and future), trying to remember things, thinking we must have forgotten something.  It is so hard to get it to just shut up for a few moments!  This, I think, is one of the things that gets people so discouraged when beginning a meditation regimen. 

  If you're not used to meditating, when you start out, try a more active meditation.  Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.  Try to focus on only one thing.  A simple image, like a ball of glowing light.  If your mind begins to wander, see where it is wandering to.  What pops into your head?  Ask yourself why your mind first thinks of this thing (or person or whatever), then gently guide it back to the ball of light.  The benefits of this type of meditation are twofold:  1) It gets you used to taking time out to sit still and relax and 2) it helps with visualization as well.

  One of the hardest things to ask a person to do is to clear their mind and think of nothing.  Nothing has to be the most abstract thing in existance!  What is nothing?  lol  Instead, work on this meditation, trying to concentrate only on the ball of light.  Then, as you are able to hold the ball of light in your mind for at least 5 minutes without having your mind wander (this is our goal), start dimming the light.  By going slow and working with your mind, instead of against it, you will eventually be able to sit in quiet meditation, simply not thinking of anything.

  Another way of doing this meditation, is to go outside.  Into nature.  Away from traffic and construction.  A place where the only sounds you hear are likely to be from nature, trees, water, animals.  When your mind starts to lose focus of the ball of light, try to guide it to sounds or smells or vibrations you feel around you.  This will also help you tune into the power of the Earth.


  1. Wow! That is some good advice. I need to take more time to meditate. I think it would be great for my soul.

    1. Good luck. :) It's a surprisingly hard habit to get into.... lol Good-for-you stuff always is, huh?


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