Sunday, August 6, 2006


Ah.  The wonderful world of dream-work.  One of my specialties.  If you think you don't dream, think again.  Everyone dreams, just some more vividly than others, and some people don't remember their dreams.  The average person dreams 3 to 4 times a night.  The key is to train yourself to remember them.

 The first, and most important, thing you will need is a notebook and pen.  I use a little 4"x6" notebook.  $2 at Wal*Mart.  You will need to keep these close at hand so you can write as soon as you wake up.  I keep mine just under the mattress by my pillow.  When you record your dreams, sometimes it helps to just write down everything you remember.  Chronological order isn't too important.  If you do write it as it happened, leave room in your mind to enable you to go back and add stuff.  Getting as many details as possible is more important than getting things in the right order.  At first (and sometimes thereafter) you may only remember a feeling, "I felt confused, like I was lost", or a place "I was at a wierd house I don't recognize", or a person, "I remember being followed by a wierd old lady".  This is okay.  The more you do it, and the more you become accustomed to remembering, the more details you'll get. 

  When the ball does get rolling, make sure to buy a new journal when you get near the end.  You don't want to wake up from a crazy dream just to realize you don't have any room to write it.

  Whether or not you are the kind of person that remembers your dreams vividly, when you start recording them, it helps to prepare a little before going to bed.  Say to yourself as you're falling asleep "I will remember my dreams" a few times over.  As you become more adept and would like to go further you can add "I will become aware during my dream", this will help you to enter a lucid dreaming state. 

  Sometimes dreams can take a scary turn.  (like Nightmares, duh)  These are the best circumstances in which to learn what you can really do in dreams.  Just try to remember that it's all in your mind.  Over the past 20 years (I used to have some vicious nightmares as a child) I've gone from running like molasses and hitting with the force of a doped up butterfly to flying, generating fireballs to defend myself, running miles in seconds, breathing underwater, and hitting with enough force to break bones.  You CAN grow and adapt in dreams!  Your dreams are your minds playground.  Let loose and have fun. 


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