Sunday, April 10, 2016

Julep: Aries

There are two types of Aries'. The fight-picking hot-head and the hard-working protector with a joy for life. (speaking in very general terms, obviously) Fortunately I am well acquainted with the latter type and am pleased to announce that Julep Aries is Aries approved!

Ready for some weirdness? This is two coats of Aries over Sally Hansen Titanium Chrome... lookit my pinkie there. *points* Does it look like I'm wearing undies? o_O? Always an adventure, man, I'm tellin' ya...

Anyway, Aries is a vibrant, daring, shimmery red which is perfect for this sign. I'm.... pretty sure I topcoated just to be sure I didn't screw it up in the night. >_>

Next zodiac polish is Taurus which I'm super excited about. Next post will be essence Feel The Vibe. *happy dance* Slowly working my way down the line. Ever stop and wonder "why on Earth do I have over 1000 bottles of nail polish?!" and then look at all the pretty colors and realize "oh yeah, that's why"? hehehehe Confession: since "what if there was a zombie apocalypse" became a thing I've tried to think of which extra special pretties would go in my bugout bag and... *sigh* If I ever have to leave in a hurry I'm in big trouble. XD My ILNPs for sure are coming with me. Some colors I could probably pick up breaking into a store, but Models Own! Nails Inc! Ludurana! Limited Edition no-longer-available-unless-you-sell-your-soul-to-a-former-polish-junkie-who-is-currently-destashing polishes!! O_O!!! Then the panic sets in... because, seriously, you never know....

*ahem* Time to go get lunch. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

and beware impending dooooooooommmmmmmm....... O_O

I'm going now....


  1. Hehe, looks like your undies need undies ;)
    But undies or commando, Aries looks great! And is that a slight red to pink shift or is my monitor doing weird stuff with your pictures?

    What? You mean I have to pick the bottles I want to take with me?! *starts searching the web frantically for a zombie apocalypse proof polish organizer that holds at least 3000 bottles (a girl has to think ahead, right?)*

    1. I think what they did was use silver/white shimmer so that's probably where the pink is coming from. I see it, too, but it definitely didn't look pink in real life.

      BWAHAHAHA! We're going to die trying to lug around a ton of polish. XD Gotta go sometime, right? lol

  2. Replies
    1. Me, too! I don't generally like reds, but this one grew one me. ^_^


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