Friday, November 7, 2014

Zoya: Charisma & Rimmel: Bedazzle

Hey guys!! I'm super excited for today's mani. It's super simple, but I've gotten so many comments on it! ^_^ Starting with two quick-drying coats of Charisma over a white base:

Charisma is one of those super hard to capture neon purples. Reminds me of a glitter-free Flying Dragon. Applied so smoothly, absolutely no problems other than trying to capture the true color in pics.

Over top I layered Bedazzle; pink, blue and purple hex glitters in a sheer base. One coat, no fishing or placing with this one! I took a pic in the sun and the shade so you can see the range of colors Charisma was trying to pass herself off as.

Nice, huh? lol

After a few "site is busy come back later" messages I was finally able to place my Sephora order!!!

One of those "pick 3 freebies" at the bottom got swapped out, but I didn't have to go revising my polishes a bunch of times this year. ^_^ The red Formula X and red Chubby lippy were freebies with my points and I didn't get to pick the color, but I'm still excited about them. Can not wait to get those Nails Inc Concrete polishes!!! *FLAILS*

Okay, time to run to the store before I forget everything we need to pick up. lol Happy Friday, everybody!!! Hope everyone has a super amazing fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. Replies
    1. It really is! I wish I could have captured it better.

  2. I'm amused that you and I both did big Sephora orders but there's no overlap at all. I did a lot of Lippmann this year. I was tempted by some of the Nails Inc. but I'm not sure about the new bottles--if they'd always been that shape, great, I like rectangles, but now I'm imagining my Nails Inc drawer when I finally get my stash back by brand and how awkward the round and rectangle mix will be. (Though i had to get over that for Sally Hansen, since there are so very many bottles styles they've been through). And yea, here I am rambling in your comments again.

    1. OMG Exactly! I have no idea why they changed the bottles and I'm not really digging 'em. I'll probably just buy up the old ones until I have them all and then stop. lol I can't wait to see your Lippmanns!! I've heard so many good things but haven't taken the plunge myself. Such pretty colors.

      hehehehe Ramble away! ^_^ I don't mind.

  3. Charisma is so going on my Zoya wish list @-@, So pretty!

    1. You'll love it!! Much prettier in real life.


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