Tuesday, March 18, 2014

China Glaze: Seahorsin' Around

*you walk in and spy an arm twitching from underneath the cushion-fort* So... sleepy.... ZZZzzzZZZzzz >_> Had to wake up early to take Aaron to the dentist and woke up too early. I keep doing that. The good news is we went and had his tooth pulled with no problems whatsoever. Better news: The dentist actually has experience working with patients suffering from achalasia. Best news? It cost far less than anticipated so I still have my Butter London splurge money and a solid plan for getting them. hehehehe

OMG! Seahorsin' Around! I'll admit I didn't really swatch-search the Sea Goddess collection before picking these up, so I had no idea that Seahorsin' Around was going to be SO GORGEOUS!!

Oh for camera eyeballs! I think by this point most of us are familiar with Zoya's PixieDusts. Seahorsin' Around could be one. That's the texture. PixieDust/Liquid Sand. Seahorsin' Around, though, is this eye-poppingly vibrant cyan. Regardless of what my pictures look like on your monitor (it's coming off sky blue on mine) it's cyan. In direct sunlight it gets the almost sugary glaze translucency that Hot Cinnamon has.

So pretty. *looks around* I wasn't expecting it to be this pretty... O_O I feel like such a traitor. lol

OMG Nail mail! Just a little one this time. I was a bit depressed with not being able to take advantage of the Models Own "6 for £20" promotion thanks to a bit of shipping cost confusion on my part. Then I recalled, "Llarowe was really good about handling my last A England order after the UK shipping restrictions debacle, why don't we check there?". So I did. Models Own has a new Beetlejuice, but that was out of stock. So instead I treated myself to:

Princess Sabra and Aciiied. Both of which have been on my wishlist for (what feels like) forever. I wish Ulta would kick out Sparitual and replace it with a mini Models Own bottleshop...

Still have Dillon and Rebel slated for tomorrow. Going to trade thumbs, see if I can't figure out the reason for my last pics turning out blue. Then Seance and Butter London haul! *twirls* I am jacked up and ready for it! *fingers crossed* it's available online or it's going to be a pretty puny haul. lol If that's the case I'll just pop over to Llarowe again. Hope everyone is doing well and getting plenty of sleep. I'll be back tomorrow with some Zoya goodness. Take care, y'all! (^_^)"/"


  1. Wuv it! What a stunner, kinda, just kinda reminds me of Tiffany Case from the bond line.

    1. Definitely more pigmented than Tiffany Case. O_O I'll have to do a comparison!

  2. Oh such a gorgeous color!! According to Nouveau Cheap, the sale will be instore and online, hopefully that will be the case.

    1. Yes! Hopefully! So far the rest of them have been.... yeah, I've been neurotically checking daily. lol OMG I can't wait!!


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