Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sinful Colors: Strapped & Orly Nail Artist... Stuff

Haha! No idea what to call this. First, though, I started with three coats of Strapped.

Not because it necessarily needed three. With a little care you could totally get away with two. I just wanted to make sure everything was all pretty and even. This one dried through quickly like it's supposed to. No weirdness. I thought it might be too similar to Illamasqua Kink, but they're obviously different. Even in the pics. Still, I'll likely do a comparison to show how different they are. ;)

So I was sitting here trying to figure out something to do for the NAS/Orly giveaway (sorry, for NAS subscribers or I would have shared the link the other day) and I was watching a ton of Collette's videos (this one in particular since it was new) and Cristy mentioned matte and tips and, hey, I like those things too! And thus birthed this creation. First off, here's what I used:

Not in the order I used them. :p Needed the flat bottles to keep the round ones from rolling off. So I started with Strapped and then grabbed Orly's Jet Black. Cristy was wondering how long it took to do the tips with the skinny brush and I got this image in my head of trying to do them up and down instead of across and so that's what I did here.

But that just wasn't quite "tippy" enough, so I added another line with Orly's Platinum.

Then I ran into a snag. I really really like this! But the Instant Artist stuff is paint! What if it chips off? I sat here for a good 20 minutes before deciding to topcoat. I even wrapped my tips!

But in this case shiny is no bueno so I covered it all up with matte topcoat. I think my right hand (below) actually turned out better. The lines are a little more random and jaggy looking.

Ta-da! ^_^ The silver isn't as shiny as before the topcoat(s), but I don't mind much. It looks like fuzzy little boots. ^_^ Is it good enough to win? Probably not. Am I gonna cry if I don't? No. :p The winners will probably have skillz I couldn't fake with photoshop if my life depended on it, and I'm okay with that.

I really like these Orly Instant Artist paints. Sometimes with polish it smears or dribbles or pools or... ya know, does any number of weird things to make art lines difficult. These went on just like paint, stayed put and dried fairly quickly. I would have liked for the brush to be a tad shorter, but otherwise I'd give them an A- overall.

See? Shorter than most of the other skinny liner brushes in these kinds of bottles, but a bit long for concentrated detail work. For me, at least. I suck. :p

No idea what I'm going to do tomorrow. Going to be a busy day. I may do nothing and just keep this on. Back down to five untrieds. *shrugs* We'll see how I feel tonight. If I don't see you: Hope everyone has a great weekend!! (^_^)"/"


  1. I really, really like that! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I've never seen this on any blog before; it's so unique! Love it! (Aaaand I might copy this in the future ;) )

  3. Shut the front door!!! You are my hero!! That is FANTASTIC!! I even like it shiny, but the matte has character and depth. What a great color combo and coincidentally I am wearing that same shade of Sinful Colors right now!!! Did I mention how much I LOVE this?? haha. I love the poochie in the background. He's just chillin!

    1. hehehehehe *blushes* Glad you like it! ^_^

  4. Omg this is so weird but I did something very similar to this the other day :O great minds evidently do think alike ;) yours looks awesome, the colour combination really works and it looks so cool when it was ratified!

    1. Lol that my laptop changed mattified to ratified!!

    2. LOL Silly laptop. ^_^ That is so awesome! I think I saw that you had posted when I was adding the bps code earlier. Going to check now!


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