Sunday, June 2, 2013

OPI: Tiffany Case & Rock Candy Comparison

Hello, darlings. :) Last of my Bond Girls! Tiffany Case:

Pretty! This is two coats. Exceptional dry time. Absolutely love it.

As soon as I applied it, though, I thought "Gee, this looks familiar....." So I pulled out my Julie G Rock Candy and threw some of that on my thumb.

Tiffany Case is a tad darker, but much blue-er than Rock Candy. So I didn't end up buying the same polish twice. Yay!

Since I totally spaced when I wore Solitaire I made sure to decorate Tiffany Case early. lol

Nothing like a couple of sideways S-es to really fancy up a polish, eh? LOL

Simple (and hilarious in it's simplicity), but I like it. It's nice to find easy-to-do nail art so I don't screw it up too badly. :p

Still working on that sock. Slowly but surely. Here and there. Ya know. The green is almost popping out from the botton of the loom, so that's progress. Saleen is still behind the tv stand. Picked up some unflavored pedialite so if she does drink it at least she's getting something in her. OMG I'm so stupid! I almost forgot! :D My mom just surprised me with my 700th polish!

Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea. Just like Brighton that I missed out on when I placed my Sephora order. :D Fabulous. Been having a hard time qualifying for surveys, but I'm still making steady progress. Just super sucks that Abbie got a badass tablet/laptop hybrid and now I want that one! It costs twice as much, though... *cries* What is it now, June? Really hoping to be able to take a vacation trip for our anniversary this year... *sssshhhhh* Don't tell him. lol Also, there's this. I didn't get an engagement ring so as penance he's going to be digging it out of the ground. He already knows this and I think this would be a good year for it. Just can't forget. Since I'm probably going to be the one coordinating it.... -_- Whatever. At least it's not expensive. Think I need to start making a wish list. :p Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. OOH love Tiffany case on you and those S's are sure fancy looking! Love the idea of Topaz hunting too! UGH Isn't it the most frustrating thing ever when you get a notice 'this survey is worth a gazillion points!' but you don't qualify???! >_<

    Picked up SC 24/7 on your recommendation today DUDE my retinas! :D
    Was going to get SC Dream on but then I spotted LA colors (which was on sale for like a dollar!) so I picked up Electra. Thanks again for the neon post SUPER helpful :D

    I hope you gather enough $ to go on a trip this year, I'm cheering you on!

    1. hehehe I'm glad I was able to enable your neon splurge. ;) Yeah, that's the worst ever. I think I went through 20 surveys today and didn't qualify for a single one! o_O I used to be luckier at the "second chance" points, until they switched to the doors! You used to just click a link and one time I got $50 from that! Thank ya much!! I'm gonna do my best cuz it is loooooong overdue.

  2. oops meant to say T Case looks good on you :/

  3. 700 0-o OMG, O M G
    :O wooowwww, and I thought I was bad haha

    1. I know, right?! It's mind-boggling! Seriously, it doesn't even feel like that much.... probably because they're all hidden away in drawers... LOL

  4. I have never read a blog post about nail enamel and finger nails !! It has made me smile. xx

  5. Oh my 700...
    I met a woman at the carboot sale who bought most of nail polish from me and she said she had over 700 polishes at home!!! Where do they all fit? Lol I struggle to fit my small collection into my room :P. Awww I hope you can go on holiday! You deserve it :)

    1. lol It's definitely getting more difficult to make room. Aaron suggested I clear out the closet and shove my drawers in there to make more room. ;) Aw *hugs* Thank you. Hopefully soon!


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