Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color Club: Foil Me Once

With no requests (and being unwilling to dig my dice bag out of the shed :p) I googled up a random number generator and it picked Foil Me Once. I like this one. It comes off a lot more vibrant in the pics than it does in real life.

In real life this is more of a soft lavendar-tinted pink. Like something I would expect a high-society cyborg to wear.

Still nice and foily, though. Even the matte pics didn't want to come out color accurate....

Like her sisters before her, Foil Me Once gets that beautiful suede-like finish when matte-ified.

Just because I may never have the opportunity to do this again; here is the complete Color Club Foiled collection!!

So purdy. After adding the last of these to my spreadsheet I realized I now have 150 nail polishes (not including top/base coats). This doesn't look like 150 bottles, does it?

Yeah... I've got some hair dye and fake eyelashes stuck in there, too. My make-up box is crammed full as well. LOL Tomorrow is supposed to be the only sunny, rain-free day for the whole next week so I'll be wearing my "special" polish and hopefully getting outside to do that video!! In the meantime since I'm not spending all day point-farming on gamehouse I've started playing sims again. I've got a general storyline in mind, so I'll probably be posting that up as well. If you're not interested in a Sim-based fiction story, then you can easily skip those. The titles will have "Sim" somewhere in them, and a number.

Still time to request either Antiquated or Lumin-Icecent for the next foil post. Hope everyone had a terrific weekend! :D


  1. that is a very pretty color for a high-society cyborg!

  2. Lol High-society cyborg :P pretty colour, I'm undecided on foils and frosts I like them sometimes haha. That really doesn't look that many, there looks to be about half that, they just build up in no time don't they!

    1. Yes they do! Somehow I amassed 50 in about a month. O_o Very addicting.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! LOL Wait'll you see what I have in store for tomorrow. ;)

  4. Wow love your collection and this colour is gorgeous LOVE it! :)


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