Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awesomeness Part 11

It's hard to say "Poor Theta" when, in real life, most of us wouldn't mind spending two weeks in Egypt (well, "before"), but when she's so close to finishing her military service the time away from Moonlit Shores was more frustrating than enjoyable. All she needed was two pieces of mummitomium. This has never been a particularly difficult endeavor. Until now. She spent a lot of time just wasting time. At least there's always fishing to pass the time. Now that she has a garden again it's good to have a stock of fish for fertilizer.

A sim can only spend so much time fishing, though, before she becomes antsy. She tested out her new camera and spent some time exploring tombs. Handiness and physical skill got her through mostly unscathed, but alas there was no mummitomium to be found! Not even tucked away behind one of the many hidden doors.

I even cheated a bit and added a few more mummitomium spawn points on the map, to no avail. While waiting for some to spawn Theta spent her last day in Egypt trying to learn the fine art of snake charming. This . . . did not go well. At least she didn't get bit.

So she went back home empty handed. Oh her boss is not going to be happy about that! Before work she has other matters to attend to. Most pressing is Simone's birthday! Oh they grow up so quickly. It wasn't much since all of Simone's friends managed to age up in the past day or so (who wants a bunch of adults around for a kid's party?), but the butler was there and this . . . I think this was a turning point for young Simone.

I mean, who's the one who's always there? Who's the one who helps with homework? Who gives advice and watches tv late at night? Who's the one to stick around and share a slice of birthday cake with the sprouting young woman? Always: The Butler. (yes, I forgot his name again)

Nice hair, Simone. After the customary trip to the dresser and mirror, Simone ran across town to tell her brother all about the festivities. He couldn't make it, ya know. Working. At the consignment store. Like he always is. At least he's easy to find.

Poor Geo, he looks so old. The game seems determined to make him bald since that's the same hair it gave him when he aged up to "young adult". Between homework and skill building you wouldn't think there would be much to tax the Butler. Yet for almost a full day he sat around drinking coffee . . . of some kind. They have one of those fancy espresso machines and he didn't mention what kind he was making at the time.

Just as soon as she could, Theta jetted back to Egypt determined to locate the last of her required mummitomium. Thankfully this trip was far more fruitful. While she was there she was approached by a group of Sims who were fighting the oppression of the big business known as MorcuCorp. She had to infiltrate the secret base and hack into one of their computers. Oh noes! Luckily she was able to sneak in, acquire the information and sneak back out undetected.

After a few more missions to boost her visa level Theta took some time out to enjoy a good book. She found mummitomium! She deserved a break.

At home Jaime has been working hard and almost mastered the guitar. Simone wants to be a big movie star one day and has been networking like there's no tomorrow. I don't know which skills she'll need, but I'm sure Charisma will be one of them and that means friends friends friends! She's currently in China for three days on a friend-making expedition. It's going well. I like her. She grew up really pretty and I think I'm going to keep her around through her young adult life. Ya know . . . . because nothing says "big movie star" like living at home with your mom and her girlfriend. Actually I just want to see if it will let me start up a romantic relationship with the butler.

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